when you do pvp in a game whose base hadn't pnp, that hasn't been balanced for pvp, damm even hasn't places for pvp (at least big enough to make duels w/o ppl killing you), you should realize that you aren't doing pvp, at least good one (if there's 1 good one, thing i personally doubt)

ppl does pvp in 99% of time to feel skilled when they aren't capables to follow simple rutines, to humilliate other "because i won you with that" and all that stuff you use to find in 9-12 years childs, why 99% of time, cause 99% of pvp players are between this age, why they do this? cause they don't know to follow simplerutines, they are uber

turbine should remove the pvp areas, once u open the pvp door, here comes the "omfg! the game isn't balanced" well, not for pvp, having in mind our hp and our damage (both oversized) is quite obvious that the game isn't balanced for pvp, if you continue doing pvp and thinking it demonstrates something, you have a trouble, don't worry everyone has his/her own troubles, but don't come to forums to try to ruin the game just because you like 1 part of the game that doesn't exist (cause didn't exist in base and hasn't been looked ever, like balancing classes for pvp, kinda useless in a pve game, pvp games are balanced for pvp, pve games are balanced for pve, if you think different you are wrong, cause there's no game balanced in both sides, if you mention WoW i'll have to laugh, cause you are demonstrating again no idea about balance, pvp and pve)

ddo shouldn't have a bit of pvp, if someone likes pvp games there are tons of em, d&d never will be able to be a pvp base