First off, this isnt a PvP hate thread - this just my recent experience Id like to share.

So I went to the Harbour PvP on my L24 Earth Savantjust to see if Vortex, Burst and Breath worked.

A Guildie happened to be there and kindly let me try it on him in a quiet corner.

Come the end of the trial we decided to have a match of our own. We buffed up and the ready signal was to jump in the air.

My Earth Savant is my most powerful alt and it was with quiet confidence that I approached the coming bout - after all what can stop a mighty WF Sorc.

So we jump and this battle begins......

I like to think I lasted 2 seconds , but in reality it was closer to just 1.

With dented ego I congratulated my Guildie and slunk off with my tail between my legs.

Oh how the mighty had fallen.

I guess I'll not be going there any time soon.