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    Default Reference for my characters and your thoughts

    So i have a few toons that i am level together to make sure they stay at the same level. Its been interesting running the same content with different toons a few times in a row. But seeing as i like the game and the leveling experience i am actually enjoying myself. I was just going to make this post to kinda right down my thoughts and get any advice that might help them out. i like playing all the classes in ddo except one and i get bored playing only one from lvl1-20(got some lives to put in each toon before i start them on epic stuff.).

    So everytime i log on and play ill right down the experiences and what went right and what went wrong and what i could use some help figuring out. Dont sure if its the best way to do it but ill keep it all in one post and make sure to date the logs.

    Now to my toon list. Ill work on making these more precise when i get the time and more information on items and stats as i play them and lvl them up.

    1.Ozscared-(Favored soul 20)First time playing a favored soul and decided to go evoker.
    Past lives-1cleriI
    Presently lvl15

    2.Vois-(Ranger6/Rogue6/Monk8)This is my arcane archer toon.
    Past lives-1ranger
    Presently lvl15(Ranger6/Rogue5/Monk4)

    3.Ragefalcon(Bard16/Fighter4)First life toon looking into spellslinger fighting type
    Past lives-None
    Presently lvl15(Bard13/Fighter2)

    4.RAgeghost(Rogue20)First life assasin build twf
    Past lives-None
    Presently lvl14

    5.Ragearchmonk(Cleric17/wizard1/Monk2) Love the clonks
    Past lives-1wizard
    Presently lvl15(Cleric12/Monk2/wizard1)
    Race-Half orc

    Strength 26 (16base+3tome+2enhancement+6gloves+1ship-2water stance)
    Dexterity 16(13base+2tome+1ship)
    Constitution 24(14base+3tome+6belt+1ship)
    Int 10(6base+3tome+1ship)
    Wisdom 36 (18base+3lvl ups+3enhancments+3tome+6item+2water stance+1ship)
    Charisma 18 (7base+2tome+6item+2enhancement+1ship)

    Items Presently
    Goggles(+2 attack bonus,blindness ammunity crafted item)
    Trinket(Greater cunning trinket, necro greater focus+2 crafted,voice of the master)
    Cloak(+6 charisma)
    Belt(+6 constitution)
    Ring1(+5 protection) definitly can replace but not sure what
    Ring2 (greater false life)
    Boots(Boots of the innocent)
    Gloves(+6 strength)
    Bracers (chaosguard)
    Robes (elfcrafted, Equilibrium)

    6.Ragesoloer(Arti14/Ranger6) trying out thw deep wood sniper and later LR riencarnate to get the ranger past life
    Past lives-1arti
    Presently lvl15(Arti9/Ranger6)

    Strength 10 (8base+1tome+1ship)
    Desterity 30 (17 base+3lvl ups+2 tome+1 A.P.+6item+1ship)
    Constitution 29 (17base+3tome+2Race A.P.+6item+1ship)
    Intelligence 26 (15base+3tome+1A.P.+6item+1ship)
    Wisdom 9 (8base+1ship
    Charisma 10 (9base+1ship)

    Items presently:
    Goggles(+6intelligence, Visor of the flesh render guard)
    Kneck(+5natural armor bonus)( +11haggle)
    Trinket(Greater cunning, Greater Stalwart,Voice of the master,Pendant of time)
    Cloak(+5 protection)
    Belt(+6 constituion)
    Ring1(Greater false life)
    Ring 2(Resistance +5)(Disable +13)(Presuasion)(Feather fall ring)
    Gloves(+6 dexterity)(+13 search)
    Boots(+25% striding Move silently +3)
    Docents(Wizardry V 125sp)(Deathblock)(Spearblock life shield) really could use some help figuring out what to use here. THought of maybe white or blue scale docents.

    The logs

    So last night I got on with Ragefalcon my bard and was just going to go hit a quest or two and call it a night. Anyways I relized hiding in plain sight wasn't done yet so I put a lfm up for that elite. Wait,wait,wait, then i finaly decide to give it a go myself by myself no hire.

    So I start in the quest and get past the first trap no problem. Run to the left before it realy gets started and your golden. I got all my buffs running and lay down a disco ball and get the first group knocked out with my greataxe paralyzer. Simple stuff. The only difficulty I had was making sure to keep my tensers scrolls running in melee.

    Get to the next group still no big thing. Disco,kill the caster,smite the dogs. Start running up the water way and the ozes up there are beating up on a group. Once again disco and let oze help kill the guys then kill the oze for its

    Run up the way and get to the spiders. Here it gets alittle tricky. Make sure to take my time and get all buffs running before I start breaking a web. Needless to say I get it done. Even though spiders are immune to disco and somehow I forgot that. I pull the levers and run back to shrine real quick.

    So the swim. I must say for always thinking you needed a evasion toon for that I feel alittle foolish. Make the swim with patience not hit once and keep in mind this is elite and I have like a 18 reflex.

    So anyways im to the arrows room. Feeling pretty confident but still not over cocky becuase I know displacement isn't going to always help me out. I lay down some disco balls in the arrow room, go grab the monsters and drag them back. Way to

    So I get to the finaly room. Lay down a line of discos and take out all the guys including the generals? I think thats what there called, the guys in the bottom rooms.

    So now its the boss time. Feeling really confident in my skills. Get my buffs running and jump to their little platform and rock out all the guys farely fast except hazidil. Now this is were it takes a turn for the worst.

    Finaly fight and my failure:

    First of his ability to heal himself and make me dance at the same time as im trying to kill him is rough for any first life toon. I'm going at him for days healing myslef with scrolls and using ever weopon i have to get a little more damge per swing. Finaly after 30 heal scrolls are wasted I give up. I just cant get enough damage fast enough to kill him before he heals and makes me dance. Which most I was able to save from but still. I recal walk away from there sad and think myself alittle bit of a failure. Is there anyway without a greensteal weapon that i could have got him?

    Keep in mind I tried making him dance,stone him with runestones,trip,sonic blast stun him. nothing in my arsenal would do the trick.

    So ends my day.


    Ok so today I just couldnt get into the swing of mabar. Maybe its the ten delays or a just lack of wanted to farm motes that I really dont need. Anyways started with Ragefalcon again and happy to report he is lvl 14 now. Ran wiz king twice to finish that lvl out. One on elite and one on hard. God do i suck in there as a bard. Just not very good at all and ended up piking in a bag for most the time but very happy to play with some great players that were cool with that. Really patience and pleasant to be around. Anyways told them after the second run i was done and would be back with my clonk to help farm again and be

    So I switch over to my clonk and happy to see them still running and run over and join them again for some farming that I can actually be useful. Soloing my own tower really not that big a deal as a divine. Sad to say that I died once on a hard run and we farmed a good 6 times together. But those golems can be realy annoying when u got 3 mummies,3 archers,2wizards, and the gate keeper himself at the same time. All in all not a great situation but I rocked out the rest and was happy with the performance of my clonk. I usually am so it wasnt much of a surprise but really like to send a huge thank you to those two guys that were cool with my bard in there and was willing to give me a second try on my clonk. Great two guys. One sorc and one arti.

    After that I ran a couple eyes of stone quest to help a guildy out and finished the night with a summerfield elite and lvled my toon. Good night. Got two characters a lvl and I was happy with that.

    So ends my day.


    So I still couldnt get into the swing of mabar and to be honest not sure that I will this year. I started my morning by playing ragesoloer my arti. Went and rocked out reclamation and skylors with him and a nice group I started. Barrage the hireling was actually on his game today. He died once but thats just what hirelings do really.

    The whole sneaking-one-shot-deepwood-sniper thing isnt working out to well for me and not exactly sure why outside the fact that I dont have any sneak attack to add to the hits. Even considering now to put in 6 lvls of rogue for that purpose and mechanic but I really dont want to lose anymore arti lvls.umm... o well I will think on that some more. I have hit so far with a deepwood-snipe-shot was a 196. Which is nice but the job of switching back to my repeater after the hit is alittle annoying.

    Also side note I have many shot and though im not specd for bows, as ths character is repeater build and thats why I fell in love with it first life, im considering bringing a couple bows for that manyshot timer to help rock some more out but in all honesty not realy having a problem with him with just repeaters. Also the annoying ammo switch. As the lvls getting harder I might consider this more. I think it's just the switch to another weapon is alittle tidious. Snipe shot with xbow,repeater infusion,manyshot bow spray. To much switching but will consider it.

    I must say that the arit part still hasn't let me down yet. I dont have maximize yet, but my heals are still keeping me alive and a quick heal to other warforged party members. Stoneskin is still a very nice defence agains those nasty archers that seem to like this character to

    So in the afternoon had a really good time and got ragesoloer to lvl14. Ran with a really cool group lead by this amazing ranger dwarf build multiclass toon that just rocked out with some kamas. We ran all the gianthold side quest once elite and couple times hard. Then we ran some of the second set of the lordsmarch chain. Got my level and was very happy to make a very well informative friend. picked his brain alot of acrobatic builds in the new potential with epics destinies and gear.

    I think ill be tring my barb into a build such as that but it will take alittle more time figuring out exactly how i want it and pick my new friends brain alittle more about it when were not questing.

    My chracter in general though is doing really well. pretty much gave up on the whole sneaky thing and rarely even remember i have that ability. I have decided to switch around the ranger stuff and grab arcane archer for the bows and summoned arrows and keep a couple key boys with me. Im sry to say it but the xbow with the one time shot of deepwood sniper is not for this character but thats ok needed to get a ranger life knocked out anyways. It will be nice to go back to a full arti next life.

    My character in general did very well though and was happy with my weekends worth of grinding. my assasin got left out but thats not to tearable of a thing seeing as he is still first life.

    In general though id like to give someone personal experience with looking at wierd builds and nah saying it right off the bat. Today i played with one of the most well adapt fighting toons ive played with in a long time. His build was 13ranger/1rogue/1monk. At first i was hasitent to see what it had. thinking it might be a another arcane archer which i must admit not many take the time to properly gear and do to much archery when they could be melleeing. I was one of those such arachers my first life with my arcane archer and i would like to apologies for that. Ive since learned the error of my ways.

    Sry but anyways I walk up and meet him at the quest and he is wearing heavy armor,a dwarf, with two kamas in his hands. Well needless to say i was scared but he was amazing. He had some Kamas from the new chains and he new his character really well. out of all the groups i ran with him in he never died once or even came close. I did die once forgot my dw in one of the quest and well.. you know how that can go.DING!lol. But outside of that i did very well and am still impressed with the arti even with 6 lvls being giving over to the ranger.

    Anyways the point of the story is never judge a book by its cover. I know its really hard at times and im guilty of it to. But i will and i hope maybe some of you will as well think twice and read the book and pick its brain alittle.

    So ends my day.
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    Default New month new post start i think

    So i got back on tonight and not much to tell. was just running my assasin. no lvls gained. took a few days to work on my higher lvl toons and chat with some friends along with some real life stuff. The all dreaded nothing really to report but that im back on my mid lvl toons and going to be posting as i go along.

    My assasin is really nice to play but it lacks something that i cant quit describe. Its not damage, as i often hit pretty nice numbers. Its not the durability; improved evasion, uncanny dodge, good static dodge bonus and a middle of the road ac are keeping me pretty well alive to were i can sneak off and heal myself or that i can wait for the healer to throw me one. I guess I would have to say maybe it is that im not a front liner with this toon thats throwing me off my game.

    I mean i can sneak ahead and assasinate but i dont lead the pack as that would lower my damge and sneak attack. I have to wait on someone to grab agro then come in from behind and do the dirty work. I play my toons very much as the scout and this character just goes against that in some ways. Not sure but i wanted to try the assasin and see what its all about. and for a very low investment in gear,skills(because of high int.), and all around focus i need to put in this toon he is very good. I like to think of it as my lazy day

    I dont know for sure but i think maybe assasin isnt for me. I like the power and the durability but as i said there is just something missing.

    So ends my day


    So I got my assassin his lvl and got started on working my favored soul. Not much to tell on that front tonight. I think I'm going to start cleaning up all the quests before my lvl.

    So ends my day.


    Finaly got done with a very long work week and played a good couple hours on ddo. Im still running ozscared myt favored soul and had a pretty good night till the end but will get to that.

    First off started a group running relic of the soverign host and had a pretty good couple runs. had one new person to it but he did pretty good. Now that i have destruction it has become alot easier for me to lead the kill Not that it matters much but like most healers will tell you, the more we kill the less that have a chance to kill our allies and use our mana healing

    Then i joined a group running POP and that went well and after that they said the one word that brings panic to any of my toons. CRUCIBLE!

    Ok so it started off pretty good and we got thru the maze with only one person death. Then the second part with the traps and the shrine was done with a few troubles but we got it done. Then the low wisdom wasn't a problem with next part and we got the next part done. then the colored wheels took two trys but we got it. Even managed to get the kolbold to drop the floor for us. Then the swim came up......

    So first are ranger trys becasue are rogue was brand new to the quest and he tried valiantly but ding! Then the rogue does his best and for a first timer he did ok but once again ding! After are druid tries in water form ding! Then are fighter gets his swim suit on and ding! Then for some reason i try and well ding! Last up is are caster and well you know ding!

    I hate that quest so much that it makes me sometimes never flag for reavers fate some lives. Though i am training my rogue and rogue mixes to handle it and they will be able to but im up to the skills of other evasion toons when it come to my other toons. I wish there was a way to cheat death there but tonight goes down as my 23rd failure at that quest since ive started playing this game. Yes i keep Once it hits hundred then that quest no longer appears on any of my characters

    So to sum out though i am really enjoying the favored soul though it is a very intersting style of play. Mine is a evoker and he rocks the damge but i keep forgeting my job as a healer when im rocking the kill counts. I feel bad for that and im sure i will get a hang on it eventually but its really hard to balance the two aspects of this toon. Which is wierd seeing as i have no problem balancing it on my clonk. I will keep at it and hey already 3/5ths the way to lvl 15 and another

    So ends my day


    So this morning i got on with my favored soul and had a really good time running a lordsmarch summerfield chain first time for this life. Still didnt grab the items i want but still got more then enough characters to work that through. Later in the day i ran some clean up quests and got my level with him. I know have sure serious mass which helps alot with my healing and the spell heal. Im trying to keep more of a eye on my party members but still having alittle rough time but doing alot better and had no one die because of a miss heal today.

    AFter that i rounding up my artificer and switched some gear around and ran some gianhold sides again. with a really nice group. Nothing much to say but that i switched to arcane archer and carrying around some bows to use many shot. The bows dont do much but a extra volley in between is actually pretty darn nice. seems My timers are always ready with one or the other. double buffing weapons isnt that hard either. Im enjoying it and have a rly good time with my arti as usually.

    Anyways was just glad to finally get some time to ddo and now back to work tomorrow but i feel very refreshed.

    So ends my day


    So last night I got on with my stick build at high lvl because there was a VOD up and he still needs his tharnes. The goggles poped but i didnt when the roll. Pulled the armor but i put it up for roll as it was BTC and the toon didnt need it. After that disappointment i switched over to Ragesoloer and started up a relic of the soverign host.

    Had one speedy group through the E/h/h/h/n run and was very impressed with the two barbarians that joined us. also had a Ranger that joined in the second run and he was a very adept arcane archer. So it was kinda cool. Barbarians charge in take the agro(they worked really well together), the we shoot from the back. Even on elite we were just mowing them down with are combined fighting style. And each of us had a style of sprint boost so we ran really fast from one tunnel to the next stopping on are way back from the second tunnel to use the shrine. Got some really good xp and called it a night after because the VOD run took forever.

    AS a kinda side note its amazing how much the arti amazes me. Even in this split i can still say that i love playing him. Sp is alot lower then it would be on a full arti but i have made ways around that. Starting at 770sp then switching gear after i buff everyone and going to 540 which i find is enough to heal myself through the quest and rebuff certian weapons.

    So ends my day


    So i know ive been lacking in updating these the last couple of days but since last i posted i have manage to get my bard to lvl15 and my arti to lvl15. The arti was really easy to get and had some good lordsmarch runs and a couple gianthold quests along with relic of the soverign host which i also did with the my bard.

    My arti is still great and i think that the rest of the journey to lvl 20 isnt going to be all that hard or harsh. My bard on the other hand is still giving me a rough time here and there. Mostly because of the saves. I swear i dont think he makes a single save and i have a +5 resistance ring on so i dont think its the gear but rather the class it self. i also find that ottos sphere is going alittle slow for me and that is driving me alittle crazy.

    For feats i got maxmize for my arti fininaly and a probably picking up extend when i get tensers spell. He is actually doing really well and since i changed to arcane archer i can actually do alittle damage with the bow that makes it worth whiled to carry a few bows along with me. Also finaly got my favorite runearm back and loving the silver augmentation and 20% healing amp which is only making more survivable at the moment.

    My bard still troubles me but i think i i could just make a save one and awhile i would be ok. And the ability to never ever run out of sp is great with spellslinger 2.

    So ends my day


    So my ranger was up for his next lvl. I have say that I am loving the split at the ment and I still haven't got 10k stars yet. Ran all the gianthold quests except for one on elite. And I did Try crucible but it was another failure. I need to sit down and study that swim alittle because there is no way this toon should have failed it. With a 33 reflex and a 38 swim. O well tack another one up to crucible. I will be studying it though so fear not this toon will make the swim.

    On the brighter note he lvled and picked up improved precise shot. And he got his 10 hp from giant hold favor. He did really well and managed ever trap gianhold could throw at him and only died once in crucible.

    So now it's on to archmonk. Then ghost will be last again.

    So ends my day.


    So glanda is the only server good stuff. guess thats a sign i should take a break. just reporting on the events of the day.
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    Default December


    So i havetn posted in awhile with the mabar bugs i got hit hard and then thanksgiving came around and family came into town and i didnt have much of a chance to get on ddo. But i did get my clonk to lvl 15. only one left to lvl them out is my rogue which i decided not to play at the moment as i wasnt feeling it.

    I have also been playing my higher lvl toons because trying to find groups for 15 were getting hard there and i wanted a change of past. I just got my fighter tank Borbric up to lvl 17 and am very impressed with his damage and ability to take the agro. Only down side to him is the lack of self healing. He will be put on my roster here soon when my other characters catch up to him.

    Finding groups latley has been a pain in the you know what. i havent played any good long hours because of that but i wil be trying to get back on more often now that thanksgiving is over and family from out of town are heading back.

    So ends my day.

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    My name is soturi. I am a barbarian.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ainmosni View Post
    My name is soturi. I am a barbarian.
    goodness! are you comming back soturi? or just still occasionally troll the forums? I miss you!

    Also if you come back we'll teach you how to do von6! :-D
    Quote Originally Posted by Quarterling View Post
    If I was able to take "favored enemy", it would be Class: Ranger.

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    I do not miss Soturi. I only miss the guy who would die all the time in raids more than me so Junk would get more ****ed at him than me.

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    or getting lost on the way to tod ")
    -Die (teh_troll's unofficial legal counsel)
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    Default Who are these people

    Whos our these Soturi, Assil and this Dimack guys you speak of?
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