my suggested changes:
drop rog dex
drop sprint boost 2
more human versatility, really is there another reason to go human? dont answer im kidding, is there naother reason half as good for going human? answer.
drop that pathetic excuse for a feat oversized twf

human versatility + fighter haste burst for the win
barb dmg boost can still be used as it has separate charges, increasing the amount of time you spend boosted, though not hasted

16 base dex and rog dex are just lame, 1-2 reflex isnt going to make that much of a difference, however if you dont have say 1-2 more points of dmg the rest of us are going to laugh at how gimp your dps is, seriously for just heroics your evasion will be fine with 14+3tome

points in int and cha i dont really think are necessary, youre a human. you have a tome; maybe if you had a point left over put it in int since you have a +3.

you cant scroll while raged, obviously; youre also a level 12 barb, obviously, i recommend silver flame pots. they are win.

dont listen to these kids who tell you to go ranger, fighter is the best, on this matter there can be no debate.