Sarlona has a new young gamer.

***Ok disclaimer, I know there are other kids that play this game and a post about it is a bit silly, but it was a lot of fun and I thought I would share.

My son has been bugging me to let him play, so a couple of months ago I did the referral thing and got him a F2P account setup then use a couple of guest passes and two boxed a fresh level seven modified exploiter build through a few quest like Crono and Delera’s and got him some gear.

So finally Saturday, I was able to get him setup and playing. Since my computer is a different place than his, I set him up on voice chat, made a party and started teaching him how to play.

It was the most fun I have had playing DDO in a long time, with shouts of:

“Warning bad guys coming in, again warning bad guys.”
“I killed it, I killed it.”
“I need more magic.” (said with 95% of his blue bar full)
And my personal favorite;
“For justice!”

It got even funnier when a guildie (who must have been out of his mind) joined us and we got:

“Daddy, who is this dude?”
“Is that dude still here?”
“I gave that dude my magic.” (said after casting jump)

I have to say playing DDO with a seven year old is a blast.

But don’t worry Sarlona he is not allowed to group with anyone else but me, and a few guildies looking for a laugh, (for what he says not how he plays, because he does fairly well there) so he will not be messing up any of your parties, at least not yet.