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    Default Iron Defender questions

    Mebbe I'm just plain dumb, but I'm clueless about how to equip the pets (not creature companions) like Iron Defenders with collars & docents.
    btw I have never run an arti before- I just built my first one today.

    edit: oh, now that's neat. I just found how to equip gear... and other stuff.
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    Default Just in case anyone else needs to know:

    Open your character sheet.

    Look in the upper right hand corner, just below the "crafting" tab.

    You will see a button marked "pet". Click on that and it opens up the the pets sheet.

    This works for both the iron defender and wolf pets.
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    Further info on your doggy:

    If you have augment summons especially, it can usually handle pretty much any lever or rune that the arty can't manage, so you can solo an all-optional run of tear of dhakan, for example.

    Your doggy sees dead people! If you die, just highlight your soulstone & tell the dog to pick it up, then it'll carry it, follow your ghost & still be able to follow orders like attacking specific things, opening the door to the shrine, etc. so its not necessarily a wipe if he's still alive & there isnt too much resistance on the way Assuming it isn't bugged, naturally...

    A good thing i find for the dog is not to take any of the alignment enhancements for him, and craft or find a greater/superior stability docent - it'll provide a great boost to saves & ac. Other good options are the blademarks & gorgon docents, and later on i find the beholder plate (slotted with +reflex saves) to be very handy, combine with a destruction or improved destruction collar (or shattermantle/improved shattermantle depending on quest) & you have a nice little automated debuffer to assist you & your party. Paralysing, cursespewing etc. are nice too. At very high levels, the quorforged docent from mindsunder & epic blademarks docent are excellent - haven't tried the MOTU docents on mine yet, though the grave wrappings make for a very nice collar conversion once you hit epic levels
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