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    I have been playing for quite some time now and I only play in lamannia to get myself proper builds when I transfer it on the live servers. Going straight to the point, since you guys aren't really planning to do a wipe, unless another solution will aid the character copy bug, why don't you just add an EXP and an ITEM generator, or maybe an epic scroll/seal/shard shop for tp, so we can copy our characters from the live server into lamannia manually? A lot of people has been asking for a server wipe so that the character copy will be fixed somehow and since no wipe will be done, fewer people tend to play lamannia server for testing, fewer people means hard epic raids and harder item grinding/hunting since drop rates are very low as well. Hopefully you guys will be able to read this and I hope some of the players will support this idea. Thanks for your time devs.
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