With a side of RP!

Drawn By Fate will be starting a new static group to play Wednesday nights at 9pm central/7pm pacific on the Sarlona server. Play duration will be 2-3 hours depending on how the group feels. This group will be a combination of permadeath and lite RP.

Currently we have the following roles filled:

Melee TBD

We are recruiting for the last open roster spot. This can be any race or class the player desires to play.

In addition to the Drawn By Fate guidelines, this particular static group will include:

1- No resurrection shrines.

Characters can only be resurrected in quest by spell, scroll, clicky, or special ability.

Characters that cannot be resurrected in quest are considered permanently dead and will need to be deleted (or at least removed from the static group). If a player loses a character to permanent death, he/she may roll a new character as a replacement.

2- Use only found loot except for consumables.

Players may purchase potions, scrolls, wands, arrows, spell components, etc some in game vendors, but may not purchase weapons or armor from pawn brokers and vendors, nor may they purchase items from the auction house. Purchases may only be made with money found in game or by money earned selling loot.

Cannith crafting is not allowed. Loot may be sold to brokers and on the AH. Collectibles may be redeemed for items. Surviving characters may loot any characters who suffer permanent death prior to their deletion or removal from the group.

3. No twinking.

Items, money, loot, collectibles, etc may not be passed or shared from alts to the Wed static group characters. Store items may not be purchased and used on Wed static characters with the exceptions of the Korthos starter rez cake or cosmetic items that do not offer any in game bonuses.

Any players interested in joining this group please reply to this thread or pm me.

Our style of play is lite RP, mostly in character while adventuring, we play at a speed and intensity comfortable for the entire group. We will probably be running most quests on hard and some on elite if the group is comfortable with it. We expect some deaths, so someone who can handle losing a character or two (or three) without a melt down is the type of personality we are looking for.

The rest of us have been playing together for almost two years, but we are an easy going bunch and always happy to add new players to our band of adventurers. New players are definitely welcome. Commitment to the playstyle, attendance, and fun are more important than experience.