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    Thumbs up Forming an RP Community!

    Hello all!

    Sarlona has always been an unofficial RP server, but it never had an open and easy-to-find RP community until now. We are hosting weekly RP events and are working on a possible server-wide plot.. If this is of interest to you, feel free to roll up a character on the Sarlona server and join in on the fun!

    Ideas, suggestions and the like is always welcome too, and we need all the assistance we can get!
    Good luck to all RPers on the other servers! Happy roleplaying to all of you.

    - Sarlona RP Community
    | Sarlona RP Community! |
    Sarlona RP channel: /joinchannel sarlonarp

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    I've been looking for roleplahyers in Thelanis, but i can't seem to find none....

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    Default Argonessen

    I am making myself and my toons, as well as my guild and some of its players as foils for role-playing on ARGONESSEN.

    We are an "evil" themed guild, with a Drow dominance.
    Our level 69 ship is available for role-playing events.

    If you are a small guild join us or join our shared, allied channel.
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