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is that with or without GH?

dont forget that GH adds 4 to all skill checks, so if ur not using it already that 34 right there, bringing you in 50% range of Greater Resto
Umm that was with just my GS SP item (Which is Trip Pos/Cha Skill), I could get it a bit higher if I put some gear swaps and buffs on, but it seems as others have pointed out, once you start getting neg leveled, it goes pretty fast.

Thank you all for the great idea, I'll be looking into that Ebberon Dragonshard Trade in, and when Mabar goes live, I'll look into the Gloomy Potions.

My barb uses 2H weapons, so, the Axe of Famine is not a very good option. but I'll look into that for other builds. And maybe one day I'll get that Hammer of Life