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    Default Tendon slice utility?

    I was out of the game for a while, and I have a question about tendon slice. It used to not only give movement speed reduction but also attack speed reduction. Did that get fixed that it's only movement speed? If so, wouldn't that make utility of a tendon slice item fairly low?

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    I've always considered tendon slice near useless, and I still do.

    If you want to use support weapons there are tons of better options, from stunning, to paralyzing, to improved cursespewing.

    Sadly, I cannot answer your question as I almost always sell/decon tendonslice weapons almost immediately.

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    Never heard of that bug and yes its almost useles as melee, as ranged its ok but even then dps>slow in most cases.
    I would never look active for it, if its on a good weapon ok but if it takes up a random generated slot or would take equip slot its of no use for me.
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    They did fix the weapon effect, it no longer affects attack speed.

    They didn't fix Hamstring at the same time though, and for a while it still affected attack speed. I'm not sure if that's fixed yet.
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