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    Default DDO Drinking Game

    I've searched the forums for "drinking game" but haven't found anything too long or recent. Instead of being a thread Necromancer by posting on those ones, I thought it would be better to make an entirely new one. Besides, this is Khyber, and we're supposed to be better than all those other forum sections!

    I'll make a small-ish list for now, and any (good) contributions will be added to this list along with proper credit

    Take a sip every time:

    - Someone asks for a share.
    ...Twice if the NPC is next to the quest entrance
    ...Three times if it's a walk-up (ScarletIncubus)

    - Someone runs ahead and gets killed by a trap.
    ...Twice if this happens while the trap is still being disarmed (ScarletIncubus)

    - Drama occurs in party chat (1 sip/message).

    - Drama occurs in guild chat (1 sip/message).

    - You get declined from a LFM (or if your application gets ignored until the group is full).

    - Someone rips on Axer.

    - Someone asks for an invite to a ship with a Tier 3 altar in the LFM panel.

    - A guild recruitment ad is in the LFM panel.

    - You drink an SP potion.
    ...twice if it's NOT in an e/e or h/e quest.

    - You shrine (either res or rest).

    - Someone unintentionally falls from a high place.
    ...Twice if it's you.

    - You encounter a bug in the game.

    - You purchase something from the DDO store.
    ...twice if it was because alcohol lowered your inhibitions.

    - You complete a House of Rusted Blades run (will be removed post-nerf).

    - A puppy dies in HoX.

    - Someone gets lost on the way to a quest/raid.

    - Someone a kid with an obnoxious voice insists on using voice chat.
    ...Twice if they sound like they're in middle or high school and claim to be god's gift to women.
    ...Three times if a "kid" on voice chat turns out to be a woman. (wildbynature)

    - The party leader yells at others over voice chat. (wildbynature)
    ...twice if someone who is not the leader does the same.

    - som1 typs liek dis

    - The PUG you joined decides to do elite and wipes.
    ...two sips if it wipes on hard.
    ...three sips (and reroll!) if it wipes on normal.

    - You need less than 100 xp to advance to the next rank/level.

    - Anyone mistells. (Nadalis)
    ...twice if it's something embarassing.

    - Someone gets an epic scroll. (Nadalis)

    - The words "waft", "vast" or "fetid" are spoken by the DM. (fco-karatekid, tsotate)

    - Complaints are heard about Warforged getting nerfed (ScarletIncubus)

    - Someone asks "what house?" (ScarletIncubus)
    ...Two if the LFM is for a raid.

    - Your party wipes. (ScarletIncubus) more for each player who ragequits.

    - You squelch someone (wildbynature)

    - Someone DCs when zoning into the Sands of Menechtarun. (wildbynature)

    - Someone with painfully low HP joins a group.
    ...twice if the leader boots him/her.

    - The words "gimp", "noob", "haste/rage pls" or "heal pls" are uttered in voice or party chat. (wildbynature)

    - You drink a curse pot in Caught In The Web (ScarletIncubus)

    - You drink a curse pot when fighting a Horned Devil boss.

    - An enemy gets stuck inside a wall or floor.
    ...twice if this makes the quest impossible to complete.

    - You or a teammate stun/command/hold a monster and it slides away anyway.

    - A Kobold hops on a high ledge and cannot be reached via melee.

    - A monster teleports back to its starting location (what's the name for this again?)
    ...twice if he was just about dead.

    - You get tripped repeatedly. sip per trip.

    - The Dungeon Alert level goes up.

    - You fall through/go through something that should be solid.
    ...twice if it's the bridge in VoN5.

    - You teleport into the sky.

    - MyDDO works like it's supposed to.

    - You can't see the description on an item by mouseovering on it.

    - An endloot BtC/BtA item gets passed to the wrong person.
    ...twice if that person has already finished out.

    - A caster runs out of materials.
    ...twice if it's you.

    - You cast a spell/use a skill and nothing happens, but the spell/skill cooldown activates anyway.
    ...twice if it's the Key to Eveningstar.

    - "You are not facing (enemy)" when you clearly are.

    - Someone forgets to talk to the Genie while running DQ.

    - Someone realizes, right before a raid, that they forgot to get their end reward the last time.

    - You unlock a favor reward.

    - Someone crashes/disconnects when entering the Big Top (Sunarch_Kunari)


    - You die.
    ...twice if you have to recall.

    - Someone else in your party dies.
    ...twice if it's the party leader or a guild leader. (Nadalis)
    ...three times if Horoth gets 25% of his HP back.

    - The NPC you need to keep alive dies.

    - A hireling dies.


    - An attempt to separate the 4 red names and break the crystal fails.

    - The Wall appears. (Nadalis)

    - Someone breaks a puzzle crystal, or pours water into a fountain with an un-finished puzzle.


    - Turbine severely mucks up an update.

    - The server goes down.

    - You don't get the item you desperately need from your n20th list.

    - Something useful gets stealth-nerfed.

    - You mess up your Greensteel item recipe.

    - You won the roll on a highly desired item, but it accidentally gets passed to someone else/someone who recalled.


    -Match the drinks you have in Delirium in real life (gphysalis)

    I'll add more as I think of them.

    EDIT: There are now subsections for popular raids/topics. Added a bunch of drinking conditions and removed some redundant ones. I've made it "easier" in some places too, to avoid liver failures :P

    *Tuberculozis/Naxius may not be held responsible for party wipes, RL incapacitations, or liver failures caused by this thread.
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