Since I TR a lot, and don't have a ton of play time it's difficult for me to play with a lot of friends and guildies. I usually end up pugging or soloing. That's all well and good, but I'd prefer to see some familiar faces from time to time. That's why I created a new channel called Graype. Yeah, i'm not very original. Get over it. =P

This channel is the best, means of contacting me in game. I get tells quite frequently and it can be difficult keeping them all straight while playing. That being said, this channel may have strong language use - not from me, but from others. Join at your own risk.

Anyone interested in grouping up with me can find me in this channel, and you can also find other players i've grouped up with as well. If you'd like the password to join the channel, just send me a pm.

Currently level 15 banking 16 nearing hard cap. Straight fighter life right now.