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    Quote Originally Posted by Cordovan View Post
    Get a 31% boost to Heroic XP, now through October 31st!
    This is definitely a treat and not a trick! All I can say is thank you!

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    A friend of mine is on last life for completionist!

    Go Thalzur~~~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Diyon View Post
    Yay! That bonus makes the horrible horrible pun in the title forgivable! =P
    NOTHING could make up for that pun.... well maybe a 50% xp bonus

    Me? Greedy?
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    Quote Originally Posted by rayworks View Post
    Trying to make up for breaking Mabar, huh? Why not give us Epic XP bonus?
    Yes, how DARE you guys giving us something good for free when you could give something better for free. No one want this free stuff like this. Right?
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    Default Phew,what a relief

    I remember when i just started playing this game after month or 2 and just went into places for the fun of it.
    "What's this?" " Deleras's graveyard". "I'll have a look in there".
    lMabar was a moment i'll treasure for it "Truely FRIGHTENED me to DEATH"
    for an hour or more and after logging in and out half a dozen times i really thought my 2 month old character was REALLY going to DIE yes really i thought literally deleted from the game.. I breathed a sigh of relief when i asked and found out it could be cured.
    So i love you MUMMY for xp bonus and look foorward to being scared out of my wits in Mabar again.
    Just awestruck, wether it be a Dragon flying overhead Stormreach, that glowing character who just zoomed in'n'out of the Pub, or that i can drink a Beholder under the table and best of all rescuing Damsels in distress.

    Character. Alivef 1 x heroic completionist (+a few more pl's) 1 x epic completionist, and some iconic and racial pl's
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    Default Ty

    for ruining chances of raids and hitting epic quests.......wen in doubt convince the fools to run 6 year old content again

    itll always save you from disgruntled customers

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    Default Boo

    So I get nothing because I have no toons that can take advantage of the bonus. Thanks Turbine thats a fair honest bonus.

    Please just quit doing events nothing good comes of it. Your plans are great but your execution is horrible just stop. Let me guess when events are going on the lag is my ISP provider or my rig, going all the way back to the tent blowing up, have we learned nothing in 6 + years. Im sick of it and annoyed just call it a day and stop please!
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    What about those of us who have no sub-20 toons?

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