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    I forgot all about losing the last tier of spells. Man. Well, I'll make do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chette View Post
    The bastard sword from caught in the web is great on trash, and the short-sword from that same raid actually functions as a bastard sword as well, so you'll get glancing blows. Dwarven axes might be an option too, if you plan to use Legendary Dreadnaught, but I've not much experience with those so I can't comment.
    Ok just re-read this thread and caught this little gem.

    So, Celestia works like a bastard sword? That's pretty spiffy - I would expect also a Sunblade and the commendation turn-in Star of Day to work the same.

    Also, for those contemplating the 18/2 split - look at the 17/2/1 and tell me if that looks any better. The difference in spells between 18/2 and 17/2/1 is pretty minimal, I don't think you're giving up too much arti goodness to score the extra feat (say Monk 2 / Fighter 1).

    I still hate it, mind you, as it loses some really great spell capability.
    Ghallanda - now with fewer alts and more ghostbane

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