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    Default The <Balance> guild on Orien is recruiting new members

    Hello all!

    The <Balance> guild on the Orien server is recruiting new members to have fun and explore DDO together. No requirements, no hassle, all are welcome. Contact Axemage in game with a /tell or via mail if you want to join us.

    We have just started out, ambitious and full of energy, sporting a guild level of 9 at the moment, but as you might also know it goes up fast in the first couple of levels. We aim to create a kind, restriction free enviroment, where there is:

    - Active guildchat
    - No requirement on how you play the game. Of course rude behavior towards another player will not be tolerated (but you can kick kobolds!). Also we kindly ask everyone not to use the guild channel for selling goods. Offering free items and services to guild members is welcome, but selling is not. Use the Auction House, the trade channel or private /tells for that.
    - A community of players who you know, and you can group with. We support guild runs in case you would like to organize (and I will.. ), but never enforce them
    - Helping each other with advice and guideance

    We have no set goals towards guild size or guild level, renown is not the primary reason to build a guild, and levels will come anyway no matter what we do...

    Thank you for reading.

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