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    Default Whiteknights -- looking for healers


    Hey everyone, currently The White Knights are looking for some more end game raid healers. So, what we require is that you own at least one raid pack, and that you are willing to become an end game raider.

    We do not care what level you are, as long as you are willing to try and make it to cap.

    to join; send an in game mail to coolstorybro stating:

    Your character name
    whether you have alts you'd like to bring to the guild
    those character levels
    if you have raided end game before
    and if you have any packs

    from there, i will send back a mail asking more questions.

    Dont worry, I generally dont have the heart to say no, these questions are just for my knowledge!

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    Default Hello Cool

    Hey Cool former WhiteKnight Leftey or Drahson here. Left to play with Impretty when he started TWK. Would have come back but had way to much time invested in the new guild. After Impretty gave up ddo I changed the guild name. Anyway my son has a lvl 19 cleric, a lvl 24 ranger and Leftey is now a tr'd lvl 23 ranger as well. We'd like to party up for some raids with ya so give me a shout.

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