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    Default Suggestion: "Unbinding Solvent" to revert BTCoE and SoC-bound items to original state

    Ever accidentally equipped something that was BTCoE, or used a Stone of Change and later regretted it? That's what this suggestion is for:

    A new item in the DDO store called an Unbinding Solvent, that would allow you to revert any bound-to-character item that was originally unbound or Bound to Character on Equip to its original state.

    After some consideration, I do not think there would be anything game-breaking about this as it would not work on raid loot or epic items, just the high-level randomgen stuff, items you bound with a Stone Of Change (using this Solvent would remove all ritual bonuses you added as well), and items from the new content that are BTCoE.

    I'd say somewhere around 495 or 595 points would be fair for such an item.

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    Certainly BtCoE, but I'm kinda meh about doing it for SoC.

    Stone of Change is a trade-off. You knew going into it that it would bind, but you did it anyway, because you wanted the item to be tougher, or do more damage, or give more protection, or simply not take permanent damage because you're too lazy to switch to an everbright weapon.

    But BtCoE... that's WAY too easy to not see on lootgen items. I wouldn't allow it for named items that're BtCoE (a few runearms, the Underdark armors, etc.) but certainly the random lootgen.
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