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    Quote Originally Posted by solacerodgers View Post
    Use pale it eats sirens then sharadi you in the 2 seconds it took you to try and cast that win . . . . your system is broken.

    If you want to play dirty exalted angel be at peace ( no save pale wont help either ) boulder toss rinse and repeat.
    Been awhile since I'm on forums but. EE Jewel Cloak blocked at least 2 TR mm before it fully discharge (shiradi effect won't go through it either). And use grasp of earth dragon for be at peace. *yawn*

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    ugh, shouldn't have posted.
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    I just came back to DDO after 3 years on a purely PvP MMO

    The one and only thing to remember about PvP is...

    IT ISN'T SUPPOSED TO BE FAIR <yeah, that was 3 years of frustration coming out>

    Honor and fairness are weaknesses that the dishonorable and the unfair exploit

    This is the foundation of playing against other thinking and feeling sentient beings

    To put it into D&D terms, rules and fairness would only be followed by a Lawful alignment

    A Chaotic aligned player would club you over the head when the "help" you up after tripping you

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    It was a while ago, almost a year ago, that I made this thread and completely forgot about it. After taking a break from the game and playing some other games with a lot larger PvP basis (Like Guild Wars 2) I came back to DDO a bit. PvP hasn't changed a bit. Although what it was before, was casters were the OP class. Now it doesn't matter what you play just what you do. Almost any class has it's advantages, although it is still extremely unbalanced. I was in "The Pit" about a month ago on my Druid, just messing around, when a barbarian jumps down, walks up to me, and hits me with adrenaline and the likes. One hit I was down to about -10k HP. Later that same session a level 15 sorc jumped down. Being 25 I didn't think anything about it, I figured they wouldn't even attack a 25 and I wouldn't attack them. Next thing I knew I was dead. It used Heat Death one shotting me. That shouldn't be like that but w/e.

    One that that annoys me the most about every single PvP thread is that people that don't PvP come into the thread and say "Don't PvP, it is not a PvP game." These are the people that should just stay out of this section of the forums. There is nothing I hate more than when someone decides that it is their responsibility to tell you what you should and should not do in a video game. I think I speak for everyone when I say this. I don't do a lot of public trading in this game, although i know some people that spend hours doing it. I don't craft either. But you don't see me stalking that section of theforums giving people advice. I know the basics for crafting so if someone has a basic question i can answer it, but not in depth. It is an MMO, and every MMO should spend some time on PvP. Whether that is as much as GW2/ESO or something else. I am of in no favor of having Turbine come in and completely change PvP. And one person brought up the argument of saying "Make everything available, that way they can test it before going out to PvE". I agree with this, except thats what Private Arenas are for. You can enter your own little arena just you and a friend and you can use any ability that you want to.

    I remember a long time ago Turbine had plans to go through and rework PvP and make it so that you got an HP Buff and such when you went in, and that you couldn't attack someone after say, 5 seconds of entering the pit, and they couldn't attack you. That would get rid of the entire Drop Casting problem that everyone that PvPs deals with. This never happened, and I know that it sucked for me when it wasn't implemented.

    I suppose the main part of what I am trying to say, is that PvP should be looked over, tweaked a little, even out the playing field, make it something that is fun. Not something that everyone hates.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adamkatt View Post
    Pvp is only good for testing spells and/or abilities, why would you stay there long?
    One word ....

    Beer !

    ( gets me every time )

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