Hi there,

I have run this guild mostly solo and now that I believe i have lv it enough to get it started.. I have decided to go a bit further and start some recruiting..

there is not much of selecting at this point as i said the guild is just starting...

would love some one who is willing to contribute and help manage the guild..

at the moment we are 11 "active accounts" most of them casual players and a bunch of inactives siting there for ages..

I play most of the time around 8-12pm everyday (australian time GMT+10) but there is no restriction on timezone..

will enjoy some friends to play with..

I am on a process of doing some past lifes on my monk toon(lv16) and also have a wiz25..

any other info pm or send me a tell in game: Niee, Icecube

PS: i am on a trip to visit my parents in Brazil and will be a bit offline for 20 days will only log in for mails and AH on this period..

and happy hunting..