Hey Folks,

So the guild I've been in since the old Riedra days seems to have gone stagnant. There is only one other member "active" and he is only on for a few hours a week at most. So I am thinking I should probably move on. If anyone is looking for more folks drop me a line.

About me : I am Bogenbroom. I am an alt-monster. 66 characters at last count. I play a good amount of time weekly, generally 20+ hours, but at a casual pace... so that isn't 20+ hours of solid grinding, but 20+ hours online. I multi-box a LOT. I am social enough in chat, but not as much in grouping, although I'd like to change that somewhat. It is important to note that I have 3 accounts and they are all active.

Skill-set & characters : I play mostly blue bars, primarily wizards but I have a vast spread of characters across level ranges. Not a huge raider, but am more than competent. Of the 66 20+ are in epic levels. However, I rarely TR, since I tend to grow more characters rather than TRing.

What I am looking for : I am thinking I may be best suited to a larger guild. I produce my share of renown so that isn't' an issue, but real-life concerns sometime make me avoid grouping so I can stop and start as needed and I'd hate for folks to need me when that sort of thing cropped up. Also, since I have the 3 accounts I am inclined to think a larger guild would be less concerned about the impact I'd have on teh active account number (although, like I said, I do earn my share of renown.)

LoT is currently level 61 and I'd be hesitant to drop too much, but am not hugely concerned about it.

So if that sounds liek it may fit would your crew, PM me and maybe we can setup some time to run.