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    Tavlov lvl 24 Ranger
    Iessin lvl 24 r\Rogue
    Andaro lvl 24 Fvs
    Boltha lvl 24 Wizard
    Sadiele lvl 23 Fighter

    lvl 25 Barbarian Halfling

    The High Road and all 5 quest inside

    The High Road- epic normal
    The 5 quest-epic hard

    Performance was above average but still have the same problems with following and running off at times.
    Need to add Quicken spell to Andaro. Also have found that the healers wont heal you if in a trap.
    Was wondering why Tavlov has Stay Frosty when he is a TWF and does not use ranged weapons.
    Also wonder why not only Boltha but the other 2 wizards lvl 22 and 23 dont carry some kind of scepter or weapon it is funny to watch them throw punches but seems kindof pointless.
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