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Anyone able to post the following:

- HP of a level 12-ish divine hireling
- Your best estimate as to the Fortification of a hireling in that level range

- The same for a level 16 or so one and a level 20+ one
All hirelings now have a standardized package of defensive bonuses. This includes enhancement bonuses to every ability score, False Life, Protection, Resistance, Physical Resistance Rating, Natural Armor, Proof Against Poison/Disease, Blindness Immunity, Death Ward, and an Insight bonus to AC.

Of these, the bonuses that can scale do so as the hireling increases in level.

Melee hirelings use the defensive package equal to their level.
Rogues/bards use the package two levels lower.
Clerics/Favored Souls use the package three levels lower.
Sorcerers/Wizards use the package four levels lower.

As an example of how the stats scale:
Light Fortification from levels 1-5, Moderate from levels 6-10, and Heavy on 11+.
So a melee hireling gets Heavy Fortification at level 11, while a Sorcerer gains it at level 15.