Experienced player with over 20 years of DnD role playing experience looking to recruit members for a role playing group of diverse and in depth characters on any server. Guidelines for what I am looking for follow.

Character Depth
Obviously being role play oriented no characters with the names Icanhealzyou or Zergtastic or the like are wanted. Take the time to invest in your character. The rewards of how it enriches the experience for your party and yourself will be worth the effort to come up with a fully fleshed out character with a detailed past, personality, goals and traits. Does your character have a shady past they do not want to reveal? Wonderful. Do they have a bad habit of collecting scalps from slain kobolds? Great. Do they like to smoke the pipe weeds? Cool. Small things like this bring the character to life in ways which go beyond the rules alone. Not to mention they create great role playing opportunities.
Role play your alignment as well. A Lawful Good character may have more qualms about actions which are disruptive and harmful than the True Neutral characters in the group. Alignments are not all encompassing restrictions on behavior but they do provide guidelines for broadening the scope of character types. Diversity brings role playing opportunities.
Come up with a realistic background for your character. Go as detailed as you possibly can within the realm of what we can and can not do in game. The more in depth, the better.

Character Builds
Pure builds would be preferable but are not a must have. Absolutely no power gaming multi class builds such as 12/6/2 builds, or builds that are together which make little to no sense such as Paladin/Rogues or Sorcerer/Barbarians. Multi classing is not prohibited but there should be a very good in character reasoning behind doing so. This is not meant to restrict your character, but rather to keep the playing field level. Multi classing starts to devalue the roles of other characters when you are able to do what you primarily can do well and what the rest of the group can do alongside of that. No need for any uber characters who can do it all.

Meta gaming
No meta gaming of any kind will be allowed. That means no gear twinking from other characters, no purchases from the DDO store beyond cosmetic alterations or adventure pack passes, no out of character knowledge or resources used to augment the group's capabilities or influence the outcome of questing and role playing in any way. If your character doesn't know it or hasn't acquired it through our travels in game, then it should not be a known factor. Simple.
Guild memberships are fine, but no guild ship buffs will be allowed as they unrealistically devalue the abilities of all classes and serve to break down the reliance on team work that is at the heart of a party. This keeps the game challenging while promoting strategy, tactics, and the importance of now completely unnecessary abilities and spells. In short, it makes everyone more important to the group's success.

Character Deaths
We will be following the core rules concerning character deaths. Raise dead and resurrection spells and abilities are fine. Resurrection shrines are not. In the event that a companion falls and a means to resurrect them are not available, or should the worst happen and the party is annihilated then it will be time to move on. The one exception is if the deceased character does not have a problem having their carcass dragged around until a means of raising them can be found (though the dead body may begin to smell after a time...)

The game should be played strictly in character once the session is began. If any out of character statement needs be made then place the indicator OOC before the post to distinguish it, or state such over the voice chat if you use a microphone. The group should only progress when all members are capable of gaming at the same time. No Solo questing or questing with other groups for that character. We will all advance together at the same rate. This helps to preserve the persistent world effect for our game and is only fair to contributing members of the group. Quests will only be ran once on at least normal difficulty or higher if the groups reaches a consensus for it. No farming for experience or items. We get what we get and that is what we have to work with.

Access to all of the non epic content or VIP status is beneficial but not a must have. In the event that a member does not have access, then adventure pack passes can be supplied freely to allow access for the duration of the party's time spent in that content. Raids can be run but there are some guidelines. Firstly, any raid ran must have all 6 party member present in it to be completed. Time during the raid itself will be considered role playing optional, due to the vast majority of players who are on DDO and have no notion, understanding or inclination of engaging in role playing whatsoever. However, after a raid is completed then the story of it will be role played out here on the forums, for the group to preserve the continuity of the group's actions. The possible exception to this is if I get enough interest in this type of play to form more than one group then I will attempt to coordinate two groups together for a raid at which point it will be once again strictly in character. I want to make as much heroic content available as possible. I do not intend on advancing the party beyond level 20 at the moment but that could be subject to change, if my alternative idea is not acceptable.

Party Composition
This is a brief summary of what I would like to see the group comprised of. It is by no means absolute however and I will take excellent role players in whatever character type they choose over having the ideal group composition. I am aiming for both gender and racial diversity if possible and would like to see no more than 1 representative of any given race, besides human, make up the group. I would also like to see at least 2 members of each gender represented for diversity and role playing enrichment.

One Melee Attack Specialist: This can be a Fighter, Monk, Barbarian, or a Ranger focusing in a two handed or two weapon style and offensive combat feats and capabilities. Human, Half-Orc, Warforged, and Dwarf would make good candidates for this position.
One Melee Defensive Specialist: This can be either a fighter or a Paladin focusing in the sword and shield style of combat and defense oriented capabilities in battle. Human, Warforged, or Dwarf would fit this role well.
Ranged Combat Specialist: This can be a Ranger, Fighter, Rogue or Artificer focusing primarily on ranged combat capability and feats. Human, Elf, Halfling or Warforged could fit this role
One Skill Based Specialist: This will have to be an Artificer or Rogue for dealing with obstacles that only they can. Human, Dwarf, Drow or Halfling would fit here.
One Wizard Disabling Specialist: This should be a Wizard who is focused in control and disabling spells and capabilities. Human, Elf, or Drow works here.
One Divine Caster with Healing capability: This can be a Cleric or healing focused Favored Soul or Druid. Human, Elf, Dwarf and Halfling fit here.

Again this composition is not set in stone but it is a guideline for a group that can work together and effectively handle all situations. In the event that a particular character can fill two roles without the party suffering for it, such as the Artificer being both the ranged specialist and the trapper, then the group can look towards augmenting other areas as well. Personally if this turns out to be the case then I would look first for a Bard to fill in as the sixth man.

If you are interested in this type of grass roots DnD play style then send me a message with your character concept and session availabilities. I will post further when I have any entries.

Questions and Answers

Why no Sorcerer? I didn't include this class for the simple reason that I believe they are overpowered in DDO . They have a place in any group yes, but they have a tendency to be too dominant in combat at mid through higher levels and then the game becomes a case of the Sorcerer doing everything in battle and everyone else just along for the ride. It devalues the rest of the groups combat contributions and makes the content too easy in a lot of cases. I noted healing slanted Favored Souls and Druids for this very reason as well.

What is meta gaming? Meta gaming is any knowledge, strategy or external factors used in the game to transcend the rule set and effect an in game outcome. The rule set for this group is defined as in character so any external factor beyond this used to influence the game is meta gaming.
Example: You may know that a devil has damage reduction against all but good aligned weapons, however your level 3 Half-Orc Barbarian who has spent his life away from any kind of planar lore with a 6 intelligence has very little real possibility of knowing this information. If you used your personal out of character knowledge to acquire a good aligned weapon for the purpose of by passing damage reduction of the devil's in this case then you are meta gaming.

Why such strict guidelines? Because I am looking for the best experience possible that this game has to offer and these guidelines help create that experience for me. It is not by any means true to all, just what I and other experienced DnD role players would generally tend to look for. It's no secret that the majority of MMORPG's have been reduced to power gaming players who have no interest in playing the game at what it was originally intended to be. Dungeons and Dragons was never made to be a PvP, min-maxing, gear farming, quest zerging setting for people to exploit. At it's heart, for me, Dungeons and Dragons has always been about the story, companionship and the journey. All of the mechanics and rules around it are simply guidelines to prevent chaos. I would rather spend an entire gaming session immersed in an engaging role play without a single combat encounter taking place then to zerg mindlessly through combat encounters with no sense of development of fulfillment. In short, I feel as if DDO has been kind of ruined by all of the min maxing, zerging wanna be uber toons of the players I described earlier. They're not wrong for doing such since Turbine catered to what they wanted. I am simply looking for those who are of a like mind.