The simple solution to this is to remove the ESOS from the game. I'll go start a petition, I'm sure it will get a lot of signatures

I'm kidding of course, I do feel your pain OP. There is a reason I don't have any THF fighters, barbs or paladins (I have a THF favored soul with an ESOS, but she does other things as well). Running around with the same weapon all the time is boring. There's nothing new to strive for, and I am fairly certain there will be nothing new to strive for at any point in the near future. The ESOS has bit numbers and does amazing damage sure, but it's also boring. I love my dual Celestia wielding Bard! Seeing that light damage go off, or the fire procs on multiple enemies, it just looks and sounds awesome! I love my Sireth using acrobat. Between Sireth, lightning mace, and charged cauntlets she's just constantly raining lightning death from the sky. Again, it looks and feels epic.

THF would be a lot more attractive to me if there was a better selection to weapons. If the devs could turn back the clocks and have never made the ESOS, I think it would have done a lot more for THF variety as it would get people excited about things.

It's too late to do that now though, and I don't want to see massive power creep. But there are some neat things they could do. More weapons with greater banes and AOE effects. More weapons with cool stuff like telekinetic, but that also do good base damage. Allow longswords and bastard swords at least to be wielded as two handed weapons (I'm not up on my PnP these days, but I don't believe rapiers and shortswords were ever allowed to be wielded in two hands).

Although I do feel your pain in not getting to have any of the "fun" weapons, I don't think this detracts from the overall power of THF. THF went up substantially in the expansion compared to TWF due to the synergy with the epic destinies.