Honestly devs, are you folks content with the reward system you've installed in this raid? The last adventure pack that featured a raid was the cannith pack that was released late august/early september last year. The gear in that raid was absolutely useless for two handers, not bad for TWF'ers, amazing for handwrap users, and situationally nice for casters.

Almost a year later, we get our next raid in DDO's first ever expansion. What do we receive as our reward? Some pretty nice TWF alternatives, and absolutely terrible THF options. Khopeshes, greatswords, and handwraps are excluded completely, divines and casters get shafted. Then, handwraps make their way into the raid - which are decent, but not absolutely game breaking.

The major problem that I have with how the developers are handling this is as follows: No developer, none, zero, zilch, have EVER responded to this simple question: Why are there no greatswords or khopeshes in this expansion?

Still...to this day, 4 months later, no developer stated their position on this, and since this thread concerns two handed weapons - where are the greatswords?

Furthermore, and again, this is mainly regarding THF weapons, why is the falchion a x2 weapon? Do you folks not realize that nobody wants this thing other than for flavor? Its not a serious weapon, and it never will be. Look at the epic xuum - that weapon, released years and years ago, is better than the Breach simply because of that multiplier. Look at the cleaver, that axe is a joke because the threat range did not receive the same treatment as the drow greataxe did. Two handers have crappy options, and have been neglected entirely in this expansion, aside from the drow axe - which still loses to the esos due to DR situations.