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    Default The Sith Project

    I finally decided to start this journal where I can keep track of my lives, of the fun times, share my build experiments, ideas & some pictures. Hopefully this can be useful some ppl.

    Here's a little bit about myself : Joined about 2.5 years ago, but due to college, couldn't really play so I left DDO. I came back a year ago, created xSithx (At the time I had no idea he would be my main. For long I regretted chosing such a horrible name. I ended up changing my name, and I am now reborn as Sithali.)
    I didn't decide to go for completionist before a couple of months ago. For long, I would TR, stay at cap for 2/3 weeks then TR again when I was bored of end game. I'm currently in college studying Networks & Telecom so I have a lot of free time that I can spend on sports, reading or DDO depending on my mood.

    When I started playing again a year ago, I was pretty noobish. I joined a guild called Double Deviants under the lead of Neeysa (who stopped playing for months as her first child was born, but just came back!). She taught me a lot of things and I like to think of her as my mentor. She introduced me to TRing, introduced me to endgame and I thank her for her patience and kindness. Double Deviants is a very small guild (they have a bunch of completionists in there that are starting endgame now). I met a couple of great guys in there (RTFM, awesome personality and I look forward to being able to run with him again when I finish my lives, Trols, the legendary guy that has the ****tiest connection on Earth and that does what he's best at all the time : Trolling, Kahosh, who stopped playing after he got to completionist lol, Prutania/Beruria - he's gone as well).
    That's where I learned the basics. But as it's very small, when 2 or 3 players leave, you get lonely in there. Also, at that point, I was mainly interested in end game.

    I talked to Neeysa about it and with her blessing, I left the guild. I stayed unguilded for a while, until I decided to apply to Elite Raiders. I had had some great experiences with those guys, especially with Zodh & Tyraelus. (Small parenthesis about those two guys. I had done back when I was in DD a static group TR with Zodh & Dustflame/Elemiah (both are gone) and I had been amazed at how good & skilled Zodh was. He did a WF fighter pure life (his last TR before he left) and he did not die once even with a very agressive playstyle, even when he did the crucible elite swim without evasion! My second good experience with ER was Tyraelus, EU player, who is really fun to be around. I remember that great time where we were doing GoP (Ghosts of Perdition) on elite and as we were dropping down to fight the undead beholder, he played the song "Ride of the Valkyries". For the entire farm, we would all play in turns the most epic songs we knew. Fun times!)

    Got in ER pretty easily, all voted yes for me. I have to say I have both some great memories of ER and some not so good. I started leading many raids in ER, and most of the time, most guildies would come for raids. I did learn a lot about raiding & raids mechanics at that time, but most of it on my own. Me and Tyra would usually play together, and we both didn't know how Abbot worked, so we decided to learn it on our own. We would go in there, take him down to 75%, one of us would scout, look for either goggles or water, and both enter the same puzzle. Later after that, I started some teaching runs, where I would take a bunch of first timers (sometimes some vets to help me) and we would do a raid. Didn't do more than 6 or 7 of those runs, but each one was a memorable event, and sometimes it would take many tries to succeed, or many tries for us to give up
    I remember that very specific abbot where I had about 8 first timers and the others were vets. We made it on normal with about 50 deaths but a completion. Good times too, I can tell you I was pretty proud of that!
    Sadly, it wasn't really fun for me in ER after a while (absent leader, drama, the drama...) I think everyone remembers the one that shall not be named, with the tragic racism/hatred he threw on the Vault. Me and Tyra were pretty sick of all that was going on and we prefered not getting involved in the drama. So I knew it was time for me to leave the guild and look for a new horizon. Tyra decided to stay there and I can't blame him, my biggest flaw being my impatience.
    While I was in ER, I was mainly doing endgame, and I met some great guys. Too many to be cited, you know who you are.

    So that was around 3 months ago. Luckily for me, I stumbled accross Andy (Ayspam) running his usual 2-box TRs. Awesome guy, I did 2 static TRs with him and decided one day to ask him about Revenants (as I was still without a guild). He spoke to Nick about it, and Andy introduced me to the crew (most were active at that point). I wanted to do my best, impress them whenever I had a chance to do so, bring my A-game in everything we were doing. For me, Revenants was incredible. Those guys had known each other for years, friendship and teamwork had brought them together. All very skilled, and all with great personalities. No drama, ever. Ever. They had beaten every raid on the highest difficulties first, they had tons of speed runs achievements, they had gear, experience & skill. So I did my best, succeeded in all the tests they gave me (as far as I know ). The revenants skills test, it's called, introduced by Teth. They had me kite shadows on hard with a melee, lead all raids epic, they tested my knowledge of the game. MOTU came around pretty soon, and I stopped TRs on Sith to play as much as I could with the crew. And one day, Nick said he wanted to talk to me, we switched channels in Team Speak and he told me I was a great fit here and anytime I wanted I could join. Since then, I was in Revs, and although now it's just me playing, I have faith the rest of the crew will be back sooner or later.

    The most fun I've had in this game was discovering the game and becoming part of Revenants. Believe it or not, when I joined, it was a blast, I'd sweat in every raid we would do. Revs love the challenge, and they love endgame. Reminds me of the day MOTU Beta opened, we were gonna speed flag so we could discover the raid as soon as possible. And ya know, there was just no way Nick would flag on any other difficulty than Epic elite. I took a break and when I came back later the party chat was filled with deaths, I think they had 30-40 deaths but they finished the quest (At the time, it was bugged and there were spellwards all over the place). And they were so happy they had died so much, finally there was some challenge..until Nick soloed all those quests EE when they came live! Only when I joined did I start seeing the game with new eyes. Before that, raids were 12 man difficult dungeons that required those players. Epic DA required 1 healer and 1 CC, and so did most epics. You waited for the entire group to start a raid. You actually waited for buffs. After joining? You don't wait for buffs because all your toons are self sufficient, fat & can kill fast. You always run ahead, never look behind, always faster. 12 man raids? Shortman all the time unless you actually are in the mood to go pick up some stones or put up with ppl that for the most part don't like your playstyle. Sure it's a solo agressive playstyle, but it's not about being an ass that wants to see others die to feel better about himself. It's all about pushing your toon to the limits, see how far you can go, determine your character's weaknesses and eventually make a stronger build. I know Nick agrees on this with me: we don't mind tossing heals from time to time, we just hate doing it. And it's all about fun, right? We play this game because we enjoy playing it, and well, it's not fun for me to watch HP bars go up and down & press 2 buttons over and over again. Whataver class we play, we are self sufficient.

    /salute to my guildies, friends and everyone who helped me become a better player and better person in Real life (another small parenthesis, because believe it or not, I was pretty shy and after leading so many raids, I not only dramatically improved my English but became more confident.)
    Special thanks to Abby for doing so many lives with me. I wish you the best both in DDO as in real life.

    Sithali acquired the completionist feat on Sunday, 21th of October 2012, approximately 1 year & 2 months after its creation.

    Oh, and sorry for the wall of text
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    Default The Lineage

    Toon : Sithali (previously named xSithx)

    Important Note: All those lives were done without XP pots except the last 2 ones where I was using 10% pots. (I do have a Greater tome of learning).

    This is a brief explanation of each one of the builds I did during my lives, and hopefully it can be useful to some. Some builds were good, some could really have been improved. I will let you judge for yourself

    1 ~ WF 20 FvS.

    2 ~ WF 18 Paladin / 2 mnk.

    3 ~ WF 20 FvS.

    4 ~ WF 20 Wizard.

    5 ~ WF 20 FvS.

    6 ~ H-Orc 20 Barbarian.

    7 ~ WF 20 Wizard.

    8 ~ H-Orc 18/1/1 Barbarian/Fighter/Rogue.

    9 ~ Human 18 Fvs / 2 fighter.

    10 ~ WF 20 Sorcerer.

    11 ~ H-Orc 16 Bard / 2 fighter / 2 barb.

    12 ~ H-Orc 18 Clrc / 2 fighter.

    13 ~ Human 19 Druid / 1 fighter

    14 ~ H-Orc Blitz

    15 ~ Human 11 rogue 9 monk

    16 ~ Human 12 monk 6 paly 2 fighter

    17 ~ WF 20 Artificer

    18 ~ Helf 10 Ranger 9 monk 1 rogue

    19 ~ Completionist
    Helf 18 Fvs / 2 Mnk GMOF
    Helf 18 Fvs / 2 Ftr LD

    Life 1:
    Split: WF 20 Fvs
    Pros: High Str, High Two Hit, Self-healing & BB kiting. Heavy zerg.
    Cons: Dumped Wis, no instakills, very weak Implosion.
    Comments: Very fun to play, as melee owns the lower levels & casting the higher level ones. Cometfall + BB will kill any mob you run accross.

    Life 2:
    Split: WF 18 Paladin / 2 Monk
    Pros: Incredible Self sufficiency - High heal amp. (HotD for leveling, respecced at 18), Quickened+Maximize cures and max LoH, Evasion & Pally+WF immunities.
    Cons: I hadn't discovered how good cleave was at that point. Later on, I would pick it up on every life.
    Comments: I went THF, a little bit light in terms of DPS but overall really great self sufficiency that makes up for it. Only died once that life, in the wiz king elite traps.

    Life 3:
    Split: WF 20 Fvs, same a life 1.

    Life 4:
    Split: WF 20 Wiz.
    Pros: Zerg from 5-20 Necro specced, fire/earth till litany, ice/earth after that.
    Cons: Slow start as always on casters/divines.
    Comments: After running many epics, I really felt like playing a caster after seeing so many good players pawn epics with their caster. I soloed some epics but Tred really fast as I was missing on the Dcs even with +4 Int tome. Also, this was my first wizard ever so I wasn't as mana-efficient as I now am.

    Life 5:
    Split: WF 20 Fvs, Again ^^ Same as Life 1.

    Life 6:
    Split: H-Orc 20 Barbarian.
    Pros: Soooo much fun – Cleave all the way to 20.
    Cons: Bah low will saves – Ioun stone makes up for it when you know exactly in which areas & quests you need to put it on.
    Comments: Had acquired an eSOS the previous life (as I'd stop to do endgame after every life to test it out, find its weaknesses & eventually learn from my mistakes), so yeah, you get the idea, those 1k+ crits are real fun. Had hundreds of SF pots from previous life so leveling was a blast.

    Life 7:
    Split*: WF 20 Wiz. Same as Life 4 but with better Dcs and more experience.

    Life 8:
    Split: H-Orc 18 Barb / 1 Fighter / 1 Rogue, my first interesting build.
    Pros: The strenght of a barb, the attack speed of the fighter & the utility/SA from rogue.
    Cons: Not many really, although if I was do a 3rd barb life it would be a Blitz variant with 12 barb/6fighter/2rogue.
    Comments: Haste boost is far superior to damage boost for leveling. No SF pots this life (Stupid TR cache & lack of space) but it was still a lot of fun.

    Life 9:
    Split: Human 18 Fvs / 2 fighter, TWF eChaosblades/Alchem Khopeshes.
    Pros: Wing, BB+cometfall everything, Wing, haste boost/melee the trash/named left.
    Cons: Lack of Dcs, sometimes to-hit could be an issue.
    Comments: I think you noticed I'm a huge fan of self sufficient toons, especially melee/divines. Don't think I'll ever make a TWF melee/divine other than an unarmed as the feat investment is pretty huge and there's no synergy between khopeshes & divines the way there's synergy btw handwraps & divines.

    Life 10:
    Split: WF 20 Sorc.
    Pros: Earth/Fire till litany, Ice afterwards.
    Cons: No running boost :'(
    Comments: Guess what, this life was a heavy zerg fest.

    Life 11:
    Split: H-Orc 16 Bard / 2 Barb / 2 fighter.
    Pros: Heavy hitter, a lot of self healing & utility, combined with the speed of a barb & attack speed of the fighter. Fun to play.
    Cons: None, I'd do the exact same split for another bard life.
    Comments: Used stone of experience for that life, so didn't see much of it.

    Life 12:
    Split: H-Orc 18 Cleric / 2 fighter
    Pros: Very good melee DPS, awesome self sufficiency. Cleave, haste boost running in par with the aura... you will very rarely need to heal yourself, and therefore spend your mana on nukes: BB+Comet will teer mobs apart. Had a blast. Not so good for endgame as you are pretty limited on the mana.
    Cons: Low mana pool, no evasion, no trap ability (2 rogue levels would have worked but I just hate taking the time to disable any traps).
    Comments: I'd splash a barb level as well early on for the speed. 17/2/1

    Life 13:
    Split: Human 19 Druid / 1 fighter
    Pros: Somewhat okay melee DPS – Cleave & haste boost. Very self sufficient.
    Cons: Slow killer.
    Comments: I really didn't want to play with the animal forms so I never used any except the fire/cold ones. The second mistake I did was to hope to get high DCs for Finger of death. If I was to do it again, I'd stick with sheer damage and splash monk.

    Life 14:
    Split: H-Orc Blitz (12 Fighter / 6 Barb / 2 rogue)
    Pros: Fast, deadly, self sufficient. I made 2 Deathnips just to mess up during that life, and I don't regret it at all, was a blast to play.
    Cons: I only picked up open lock for 2 quests: Delera 2 and Vol. Skipped all trapsmithing skills. To be honest, even on my rogue & artificers lives combined, I don't think I disabled more than 50 traps in total.
    Comments: Hella fun. Pretty pot consuming though as you are raged most of the time and can't use haste/displace clickies. As a side note, I use around 5000 potions per life and I'm probably one of the main contributers that helped the haste potion market flourish in Khyber.

    Life 15:
    Split: Human 11 rogue 9 monk
    Pros: Crazy self sufficiency. You literally take no damage. Trip, Stunning blow & stunning fist will work so well that everything around you will get CC'ed. Every mob is dead in a second when stunned with the SA damage. Sometimes, I would even feel sad about «wasting» a stunning fist/blow on such low HP mobs.
    Cons: Lacking DPS against non stunnable mobs.
    Comments: If I didn't have Abby on a sorc life, I'd probably have gone 8 rogue / 6 barb / 6 fighter. The way we ran was I jumped all around, got the aggro and abby would just pop some DPS spells and take everything down. Helped in many elites.

    Life 16:
    Split: Human 12 monk / 6 paly / 2 fighter
    Pros: If you go for the 9 monk levels first, you have more DPS. If you go for the paly levels first, you will have more self sufficiency but less DPS. Always take the 1st fighter level at 2 for haste early though.
    Cons: /
    Comments: I should have gone for 12 monk / 7 rogue / 1 fighter or the Nutslander goddess build (12 monk / 7 fighter / 1 rogue), but I wanted to try something different. On my previous life, I rarely needed any heal but on this one I should have gone Helf for healing scrolls.

    Life 17:
    Split: WF Artificer
    Comments: I won't comment on this life. I hate artis, not fun to play for me. I liked the BB at 15 but other than that, my DPS sucked. I ran around with a cannith crafted light crossbow with LGS which was solid but I never used my rune arm even once and the only time I ever popped the dog was when farming tear of dhakan and trying to get the str optional rune – The dog bugged of course half the time. The pew-pew-pew sound still haunts me.

    Life 18:
    Split: Helf 10 Ranger / 9 monk / 1 rogue
    Pros: Haste boost, evasion, stunning fist AND manyshot AND 10k stars. It truly was a blast, I had never gotten into AA's and I'm now even thinking of Tring one of my toons into one.
    Cons: It's really really tough to fit in everything you want for leveling (feat and enhancement wise) : Human versatility, all the AA feat/enhancement prereqs as well as Touch of Death prereqs, Dark Monk, and it's even tougher to generate enough ki to get 10k stars, SF and incorporeality going. Lots of switching btw sun/ocean stances to make it work well.
    Comments: Not a build I'd play at cap but definitely something solid for leveling.

    Life 19:
    I will detail this end build later on.
    I still wish to say that if anyone was interested in this build, most of its power comes late so don't get disappointed if you find your toon weak early on. It starts to get interesting when you get Destruction, Slay living, Implosion, EIN & Haste boost.

    Sorry for the disappointment, this isn't a «I finally reached completionist and I'm quitting DDO» posts, I'm here for the long term! Although I'm going to take a break from Tring and work on endgame for a little while, I will eventually finish what was begun and get the 3xWiz, 3xSorc, 3xFvS and 3xBarb.

    Feel free to ask questions about my lives*or share your own build ideas! If I was to TR again, I would probably change a lot of my builds, and adapt them, especially since a bunch of these lives were done with Abby and she was playing a Sorc/Wiz/Fvs for the entire time.

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~


    - You can find videos for every level on my youtube channel (Signature below). - Done with the following build I posted: Link to the build I am playing:
    - TR environnment: mostly solo/shortman, NO xp potions or consumables, with a greater Tome of learning, builds adapted to leveling (focus on self sufficiency)

    Level 1:
    Information is key ~ E/H/N

    Level 2:
    Heyton's Rest ~ E
    The Cannith Crystal ~ E
    The Storehouse's Secret ~ E
    The Collaborator ~ E
    Stealthy Repossession ~ E

    Level 3:
    Stealthy repossession ~ Hx7/N
    Bringing the light ~ E
    Harverdasher ~ E
    Durk's got a secret ~ E/Hx7/N
    Butcher's Path ~ E
    Garrison's Missing Pack ~ E
    Recovering the Lost Tome ~ E

    Level 4:
    Durk's Got a Secret ~ E/7xH/N
    Water Works Chain (all 4 parts) ~ E/H
    Sunken Sewer ~ E
    Missing in Action ~ E

    Level 5:
    Depths Chain ~ E
    Where there's Smoke ~ E
    The Captives ~ E
    Catacombs Chain ~ E
    STK Chain ~ E
    Redfang the Unruled ~ E
    Freshen the Air ~ E

    Level 6:
    Tangleroot Chain ~ E
    Tangleroot Part 5.a ~ Ex8/H/N
    Tangleroot Part 6 ~ Ex8/H/N
    Tomb of the Immortal Heart ~ E/Hx7/N
    Rest for the Restless ~ E
    Purge the Heretics ~ E
    Caged Trolls ~ E

    Level 7:
    Lair of Summoning ~ E
    Forgotten Caverns ~ E
    Chamber of Insanity ~ E
    Ruined Halls ~ E/H/N
    Delera's part 1 ~ E
    Snith ~ E
    Necro 1 (all 4 flagging quests) ~ E
    Bloody Crypt ~ E/7xN/H

    Level 8:
    Tear of Dhakan ~ E/4xN/H
    Delera's part 2 ~ E/7xN/H
    Grey Moon (Sorrowdusk Island's 4 first parts) ~ E

    Level 9:
    Gwylan's Stand ~ E
    The Pit ~ E
    Delera part 3 ~ E
    Xorian Cypher ~ E/8xN/H

    Level 10:
    Delera part 4 ~ E,Hx8,N
    VON1: Tharashk Arena ~ E
    VON2: Prison of the Mind ~ E/H
    Co6 (all chain) ~ E
    Stromvauld's Mine ~ E
    Stormcleave Outpost ~ E
    Haunted Library ~ E

    Level 11:
    Claw of Vulkoor ~ E (stealth)
    Fathoms the Depths ~ E/Nx4/H
    Shadow Crypt ~ E
    VON3: Jungle of Khyber ~ E/Nx7/H
    VON4: Haywire's foundry ~ E

    Level 12:
    Shadow Crypt ~ Ex8/H/N
    Sykros Jewel ~ E
    Reclamation ~ E

    Level 13:
    Offering Of Blood ~ E/6xH/N
    Dreams of Insanity ~ E/H/N
    The Chamber of Rahmat ~ E
    Purge the Fallen Shrine ~ E/H/N
    Maraud the Mines ~ Ex8/H/N
    Raid the Vulkoorim ~ E
    The Chamber of Kourush ~E
    Desert Caravan ~ E
    And the Dead Shall Rise ~ E/H/N

    Level 14:
    Tomb of the Wizard King ~ E/Hx8/N
    Invaders ~ E/H/N
    Relic of a Sovereign Past ~ E/H/N
    Diplomatic Impunity ~ E/H
    Framework ~ E/Hx8/N
    Eyes of Stone ~ E/H/N
    (If I am staying at cap for a while, also do Chains of Flame Elite and DQ1 Elite)

    Level 15:
    GH E/Hfarm/N (in the following order to minimize running time)
    Feast or Famine ~ E/Hx4/N
    A Cabal for One ~ E/H/N
    Maze of Madness ~ E/Hx7/N (Note: Only done if at least 2 people - Jump tricks)
    Foundation of Discord ~ E/Hx6/N
    Cry for Help ~ E/Hx6/N
    Blockade Buster ~ E/Hx7/N

    Level 16:
    Trial by Fire ~ Ex8/H/N
    Madstone Elite ~ E
    Prison of the Planes ~ E
    Inferno of the Damned ~ E/H/N
    Flesmaker's Laboratory ~ E/H/N
    Temple of Vol ~ E/Hx8/N
    Ghosts of Perdition ~ E/Hx8/N

    Level 17:
    Litany of the Dead ~ E/Hx8/N (no flag)
    Let Sleeping Dust Lie ~ E
    Rainbow in the Dark ~ E
    Ritual Sacrifice ~ E
    The Lords of Dust ~ E
    DROP BRAVERY STREAK (At this point, I am about 700k from cap, doing Running with the devils Bravery or even IQ bravery takes more time than if you just drop streak and Speed farm - Only times I don't drop this is if I am doing a TR with one or more friends. If you are alone, it is faster to drop it. Tested.)
    Running with the devils ~ Nx8

    Level 18:
    Monastery of the Scorpion ~ Nx9/H
    Enter the Kobold ~ Nx8
    Sins of Attrition ~ Nx6 (Especially on Divine/Caster lives. On pure melee, I skip this)
    Shipwrecked Spy ~ Nx3
    Dream Conspiracy ~ N
    Finding the Path ~ N
    Eye of the Titan ~ N
    Reclaiming Memories ~ N

    Level 19:
    YOU ARE 20-30k FROM CAP!
    Mining for Ancient Secrets ~ N farm till cap (2 min runs)
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    Sithali-1 ~ 31/31 Lives ~ Completionist
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    Default The Final Build

    Completionist Build Number 1 : The Night Angel, 18FvS/2Mnk Melee Imploder with EIN.

    It's all about playstyle. I play agressively and therefore tend to build toons that are solo oriented, that can take huge amounts of damage and most importantly that can kill fast.

    My first idea was to go for a human Sorcerer but I ended up chosing to go for a favored soul melee divine.

    A couple of reasons for this:
    • Wings are by far one of my favorite abilities in the game
    • Fvs are so much fun to play and you can build them in so many different ways (not like barbs or sorcs for example).
    • Mana is the only limitation to what casters/divines can do. Therefore, building a toon that can do a lot of damage with no mana (as a matter of fact, while regening mana) is far superior when soloing longer quests.
    • Monks & Fvs had a lot of synergy before Epic Destinies. The new system brought even more synergy between these classes, especially with Grandmaster of Flowers. Also, the survivability of this build is amazing. Awesome saves, evasion, wings, self healing and well... infinite blur and as of now 9 minutes of displace per shrine.
    • I've always loved characters that could do it all. Melee divines with instakilling and very decent melee damage output. Someone with few lives would struggle on such a build. Someone with the gear & all the lives will do a lot better at it. (On a side note, I might have had more fun on a more traditional Nick's Horc 18Fvs/1Fighter/1Monk, or maybe a plain pure evoker, but that would have been boring soon).
    • Finally, it's a pretty damn clickie intensive build, which I love. It really gets interesting when you have 17 hotbars, a lot of gear switching depending on the situation, many different abilities, etc. I find myself constantly thinking of what spell is best for the situation, what weapon to use, and I have a lot of key shortcuts so with all the smashing my keyboard is probably not happy with my choice.

    Rather than repost Nick's build, I will link it since my build is heavily inspired on his. I had planned a rather different setup that would include the Shintao set but after seeing how effective the seal of avithoul is, I went back on my decision and I am going for the same gear setup.

    Feat wise, I took Maximize and Toughness, therefore dropping Empower and Wiz PL. I'm actually pretty happy with it, the loss of empower really doens't make a big difference on spell damage and I'm happy with 760 HP selfbuffed.

    **I played this build for 2 months, acquired all the relevant items to the build, played it to max, and in all honesty, while it is a VERY powerful build, after some time EIN starts breaking all the fun. I went for a build more challenging (detailed below) but also a zerg-type build since you need to keep Blitz going. Insane DPS.


    Completionist Build Number 2 : Helf 18Fvs/2Ftr Rog dillie Esos cleaver in Dreadnought

    Greater Cleave
    Overwhelming Critical
    Stunning Blow

    Twisted Sense of weakness/tunnel vision/Brace of impact
    Epic Destiny : Legendary Dreadnought

    DPS is sweet!

    Video of the build here:


    Completionist Build Number 3 : Helf 12 Monk / 6 Ranger / 2 Ftr w/ Fury of the Wild

    Wisdom based AA (simply never have to put down the bow nowadays). Feats are the usual ones, twists : Haste Boost/Pin/Enlightment.

    Video of the build here: &


    Completionist Build Number 4 : Human Palemaster in Magister


    Completionist Build Number 5 : The Sithali, King of Burst DPS

    I will post the link rather than the full post for it (rather long):

    You can find videos for every single level of this build when I leveled him on my youtube channel, and endgame videos of it!
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    Sithali-1 ~ 31/31 Lives ~ Completionist
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    Default Achievements

    In Progress... Doing one from time to time when nothing is going on ingame.. Also depends on my mood so I'm not doing all the quests in one pack straight, but rather doing those I like first.

    Red Fens:





    OFFERING OF BLOOD Extremely intense 15 minutes, my heart was beating so fast I thought it was going to explode!

    WIZ KING Took me 2 tries. First try, I get to the wiz king easily, but got paralyzed by the red names and beaten to death. Second try was a success, but I got greater commanded by the spirit caller, hence the death. Was close to shrine and decided to keep going.


    SNITCH Flawless zerg run.

    PARTYCRASHERS Don't ask me how I died. It was reallyyyy late and I had had a couple of drinks. All I know is that I was close to the shrine

    SMALL PROBLEM I expected the end fight to be a lot tougher. One thing I had never noticed before is that Brawn actually heals you. Getting healed for roughly 450 pts every time you are at 50% makes it super easy as you can concentrate on DPSing and keeping mobs away from him.

    BIG TOP Was nice to have improved evasion. The toughest thing was to see the colors on the wheels, I was playing from outside on a sunny day.. Blinded

    The Underdark


    Recalled once to get mana back at the shrine outside, otherwise would have been a pot fest on the last boss.
    I always try to discover new tricks on how to do quests. Found a complete safe spot from the boss, be sure to check out my lil' video here if you want to see how to do the end fight (or the entire quest if FVS/Caster) while taking 0 damage. Expect this to be fixed at some point.

    DEAL AND THE DEMON Had to drink 2 pots at the end fight.. played hide and seek with him for 10 minutes.

    TRIAL BY FURY Easy peasy, made a video to show how to do the end fight safely while drinking apple juice, writing a paper and calling parents! (Here)






    BATTLE FOR EVENINGSTAR (1 death I wansn't careful enough at the end fight, but I was close enough to use the shrine. Other than that, the quest was a blast.. Blitzing from beginning to the end).

    DON'T DRINK THE WATER (Done flawlessly after U16 changes so the end fight was a little bit more interesting)




    I swear this quest hates me. For all the other quests, I pretty much succeed on the first try, but this one took me 4 tries total. The first 3 times poison got me killed and was too far off the shrine. I tried pulling mobs close to the shrines but they run back.
    There's really nothing you can do against that poison, it's simply all about luck. The Blademasters have concentrated paralytic injection, the other guards seem to have regular poison, and even when chugging poison pots and having a +10 item equipped, I got poisoned 3 times in the 4th run, and danced once. Every single time Poison hit me during all the tries, it would end up kill me. Those guys hit like trucks on EE, 5 seconds helpless is more time than needed to get 900hp 30 PRR down with displacement. Had a death close to the end fight shrine, followed by several more poisons as shown below. To add even more to the mess, I had to get stuck in the wall right before killing the last red named before the boss (as screenshot below shows). I really didn't feel like trying my luck again on poison so just recalled/reentered (DD didn't work as it was blocked). Some screenshots of the poison/dances/stuck plus completion. If I was to do it again, and if I had more patience, I think I would simply BB kite.


    Vault of Night:

    VON1 (The 2 air elementals were terribly annoying. Had to scroll neg them and DOT them.. was fun especially with the other ones healing him )


    VON4 I was expecting a death at the right lever but done flawlessly

    Last edited by Symerith; 12-24-2012 at 12:35 PM.

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    Default Videos

    Youtube channel: SithDDO – Work in progress as well.

    Feel free to drop comments and likes, or request a specific video, I only do these videos for the community!
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    Sithali-1 ~ 31/31 Lives ~ Completionist
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    Default Screenshots

    Random collection of screenshots that I collected since I started playing. Enjoy, and comment!

    My first epic solo – At the time I was a first life WF melee Fvs.

    Mostly Fvs only run, the day before they nerfed Fvs. We don't forget.

    The day they released artificers.

    My first scroll farming experiments (with 2 people haha). Never got a mari chain scroll btw.

    I had just joined Double Deviants (the sos isn't epic... yet), standing with Neeysa, leader of DD's.

    I began my lives. This life was my first speedy TR experiment, did a static life from 1-20 with Zodh & Dustflame, both quit the game.

    Finally made the epic sos.

    Had just watched the movie Thor. That's the closest I could get to him.

    Thought she was pretty Yes, I'm very much into cosmetics and will take screenies to give me ideas for new faces when I do a new life.

    First time playing a horc barb. Fun as hell. Kept looking at my muscles in every mirror I could find.


    Pretty again!

    Funny bug, had ran a LOB, the forge buff still shows up.

    Some will see boobs, some will see blue coconuts, some will just see a smiley

    Let's play «Find suulu »!

    541 points of damage in Catacombs...

    Stuck again!

    Guess what... Stuck!

    20 hitpoints... go figure how I made it into Revenants (On a side note, that's my bank toon )

    Nick was so happy.. they were 3 manning some Epic Elites, finally challenge he said!

    Basshunter – I can walk on water, I can fly!

    First time the Rev crew sees her boobs.. yeah we all stood there watching for a while.

    Probably my favorite cosmetic composition. Too bad I Tred that toon into a Horc.

    No comment.

    Who's our favourite Trades channel troll?

    Nick stuck in a wall! LOL

    What would describe what I do best in this game.

    Stuck again! (Litany)

    The first quest after the elite traps changes... Yeah...

    Stuck .. again!

    Took a while, but she forgave me! <3

    Stuck, Stuck, and Stuck again!

    Who doesn't?

    Stuck. [img][/img]

    Uber item!

    Leading abbots is a truly unique experience.

    Stuck again (ETK).. I hate artis.


    That LFM was up for a couple of days – Bugged.

    That's not what I heard...

    Yeah... Gangnam Style finally made it in DDO! Careful when you open airship doors...

    Cute Right before making the red.

    Just capped my first completionist life!

    Probably my greatest achievement, making a cute helf I personally think that's one of the reasons Nick didn't stick long with his helf build, he couldn't stand wearing the hideous ninja mask any longer..
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    At Turbine HQ suggesting what to nerf next.


    Grats on completionist mang. Look forward to more of The Sith Project.
    Teth - Revenants

    Babysittin Francine so he dont die 24/7. I used to be good at this game.

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    Congrats and awesome job on the documentation :-)

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    Default Grats!!!

    Sith grats on getting your comp!!! You deserve it.

    You know xsithx was a great name, but nobody ever cared about that because you do push the bar always in the best ways

    You make me feel like an old man the way you power level now a days ! Oh wait I am old
    RTFM on Khyber

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    looking forward to read more of your adventures, if not part of them
    and GRATZ on your completion

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    Very interesting reading!


    Fawngate loved running with you and Abby ~ learned a lot.

    Fawngate will be at epic levels for quite awhile, too.
    Be glad to help when I can.

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    Default Congrats

    A great character and a person of great character. Did a great job leading a citw on your capped toon this day, and without knowing you were the Rev Sith, I was admiring your play. Kat and I liked your "accent," too.

    Great photos too. Trade trolls are trolls, lol.

    A player who knows how to be a hardcore gamer and still super-classy.

    I celebrate your completion. You are better than good: you are kind.

    NancyPDoyle, Dubitable, Bluer, Perisher, NPD, OttoAttack, and others, all on Khyber

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    Gratz on completionist Sith, I'm not far off now either. I enjoyed running with Abby and you on your Druid life - keep doing what you do best!

    Jackovall (Completionist Wizard - Life 21/21) -- Gilders PDK Barb Stalwart (Life 7/7) -- Zogdor Dwarf 20 Rogue (Life 3/3) -- Taykare 18 Cleric / 2 Paladin (Life 12/12) -- Sheo Bladeforged Rogue Mechanic (life 12/12) --
    Double Deviants

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    Great read Sith, thanks for sharing.

    So thats what she's become, the once mighty Ayspam is now no more then a "switchb*tch"

    Last edited by ayspam; 10-23-2012 at 08:14 AM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xTethx View Post
    Grats on completionist mang. Look forward to more of The Sith Project.
    Travelling to the US end of the week, was planning to go to Florida but didnt find what I was looking for, so will be up north in the Ohio, NY region. Will give you a ring from there.

    Maybe we can cram up in a stinky internet cafe and harass some noobs in the harbor
    ~~~ R E V E N A N T S ~~~
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    Gratz on completionist And the SS and the stories.
    ~ Khyber - Crimson Eagles ~
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    At Turbine HQ suggesting what to nerf next.


    Quote Originally Posted by ayspam View Post
    Travelling to the US end of the week, was planning to go to Florida but didnt find what I was looking for, so will be up north in the Ohio, NY region. Will give you a ring from there.

    Maybe we can cram up in a stinky internet cafe and harass some noobs in the harbor
    Hit me up man, maybe we can get ole Nicky poo on too.
    Teth - Revenants

    Babysittin Francine so he dont die 24/7. I used to be good at this game.

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    not suffering fools gladly


    What are your thoughts about breaking 3pc Abishai for Adamantine Cloak of the Dragon?
    U19 Kensei: Centered Cleaver | TR Junkie Leveling Framework

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    Nice screenies!

    Interesting you are running a FvS monk split - do noodle about doing that with the longsword build sometimes...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Carpone View Post
    What are your thoughts about breaking 3pc Abishai for Adamantine Cloak of the Dragon?
    As of now, it's all about :

    +2 DCs (necro & evo) and some improvement on my heals (impulse and radiance covered on symbol of lolth)


    1 slot (+1 evocation slotted), greater might of the abishai, 20 HP (from loss of 1 con), +5 resistance

    The thing is, my necro DCs are pretty low, 44DC, 45 with yugo, 47 debuff and although I have +7 spell pen from past lives, it's far from being enough. Therefore, I only use destruction/slay living rarely and when I do, I don't mind switching to the staff of the necromancer (+3 necro DC) or a +2 necro DC ring combined with +1 DC from alchem handwraps.

    As of now, I'm happy with the +1 DC on evo on the cloak so I don't switch all the time, but I can't tell yet if my implosion DC will be enough (meaning if the +2 rather than +1 will make a big difference) as I have just capped GMOF and I'm now starting to work on EDs farm & twists (getting +5 from twists to evocation and an additional 1 from picking evo focus (prereq) since I have empower instead of that now).

    So for now, I'm staying with that setup.

    Sithali-1 ~ 31/31 Lives ~ Completionist
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