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    Default suggestions on alchemical throwing axe

    Seeking ides for what Tier I and Tier II Alchemical elemenst for a throwing axe.

    I was thinking Flametouched iron, tier I = fire, Tier II = earth.

    Any alternative suggestions/reasons etc?
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    i think your on track with the flametouched iron as base, because with an arty around, which there usually is these days, then you can break most dr's from a weapon idea, with your base good damage...marilith then cold iron, if devils then silver, or constructs then adamantine.. so yeah i think that flametouched is the way to go as well...

    then i would prob go with tier 1 earth for the earthgrab and greater stone prison, personally, seeker is available in a lot of slots these days, maybe not seeker 10 though

    and either earth(disintergration) or air( lightning strike) for tier 2, but i'm still trying to decide on my tier 3 for myself at this point as well atm...

    just some of my ideas anyway
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