So I've been dragging my feet on my toon I intend to take completionist (Fudder) because the idea of gear and playing through the melee lives is a little bit daunting. So Far I have completed the following:

Wizard (Currently on Second life of wiz)/FvS x 3/Sorc/Artificer

I intend on Moving to Cleric and then to Druid, before I move on to melee/specialist lives.

This leaves me with the following lives in question:

I need some advice on moving through these seven lives under the following conditions:

1. Reasonable self healing: Be it scrolls or Silver Flame pots, I want the build to have a method of self healing so that he is not a drag on the various BYOH/Zerg LFM's I might hit. This brand of self healing needs to be effective by level 12, until that point I should be able to use pots.

2. I can't afford to swallow a GR every life, so the build or build matrix will have to be ready to TR at 20 without level manipulation.

3. The Builds should be effective in parties providing reasonable dps, hitpoints, and survivability.

4. Absolutely minimum gear swapping between builds. I can accept that I may need three different sets of gear Barb/Bard/????. But the less switching the better.

I've had a few ideas on how to go about it:

Monk 6/Ranger 6/ x 8: This would be a many shot/ten k stars AA type leveling build where I would gear up with a lit 2 bow, unwavering ardency, Tier 2 Alchemical Bow. It would suplimented with a few hand wraps for situational use (I'm looking at you Mabar). Would go half elf, Cleric dilly for self healing. The disadvantage to this build, while I could carry it through 5 lives, it leaves out Bard/Barbarian.

Artificer 6/Rogue 7/ x 7: This is a Endless Fusilade/Rogue Mechanic build. High-ish int, Insightful reflexes to make sure my clumsy fingers don't work against. UMD to scroll heal. Probably going to go hafling for this build for the built in sneak attack enhancements. Essentially Trapper my way to 20. Lit 2 heavy repeater, Tier 2 Alchemical Heavy Repeater for good measure. Possibly Radiance 2, but I'm only score 4d6 sneak attack dice plus bonuses, so, may not be worth farming.

Alternatively, I've considered go 12/6/2 Monk builds through five of these and then doing variations of Barbarian and Bard-Barian.

Gear and planning gear is very important to me, so once I get a good discussion on builds, I'd like to discuss gear.

Any thoughts, Ideas, past experiences? Any help would be appreciated.