So it's been about a year and a half since I played and I've been thinking about coming back to the game, at least for a little while, maybe more. But after a 1.5 year break I feel I need guidance. I will probably TR one of three characters to see if I can get back into the DDO groove. Running lowbie stuff helps me get back the feel of the game. Hopping onto a capped toon and running into new content will just frustrate me. So here's what I'm looking at...

Half-Orc monk (34 Pt/fighter first life)
This was a class I kind of enjoyed but never really mastered. A full build would be appreciated. I went light the first time through. Is it worth going light again, especially if I may be soloing a lot? Worth going dark after reaching a certain level for DPS? Before I left the game there was a big change coming to stuns and holds so is it still worth pumping up Wis for stunning fist (I think) and other Wis based abilities, or is STR based the way to go? I remember this class being a delicate balancing act with ability scores. A good versatile self sufficient build is what I'm looking for.

32Pt WF Wiz/rogue -> TR to Pure WF Wiz AM. I have a PM drow so I'm sticking with AM for this character. Looking for more of an enhancement guideline than anything. What SLA's are worth taking? and what not. And what elemental lines are worth taking since the nerf to Firewalls (or was it not so bad after all?). And if someone can sum up the "Spell Power" surge and change to crits that would be much appreciated.

32 Pt cleric -> Tr to FS
Evoker looks like my build of choice, but is it still valid? It's been around since before my break, but are there any changes you would make? And what kind of armor do you use on a FVS? I have the 3 piece Lorriks ? healing set on this character that was nice for RAID healing but it's on full plate. Do most FVS go with robes or light armor?

Things to keep in mind,
•I was never into epic runs. The only epic gear I have is from the cove and the Halloween event. I hated the blanket immunities that epic mobs had.
•I'm also looking for twink gear for leveling. Anything worth mentioning for leveling that made it into the game in the past year and a half for the above classes?
•I noticed some raid gear got a boost (Reaver for example). Do the upgrade mats drop regularly and does upgrading an item affect the ML of the item? Are the BTC or BTA?
• Please tell me the Torc drops more frequently (I can hope can't I ) or is this no longer an "essential" for a caster type?

Thanks in advance,