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    Default Spell power is not affecting specific druid spells

    Today I tested (on the live server) two druid spells who's enhancements are not behaving normally.

    The first spell I tested was creeping doom.
    I took off all my items that had a spell power aside from a devotion shield and cast creeping doom on many targets in the house Canith exploration area. I did between 18-55 damage (depending on saves I think). I then equipped a weapon with 15 implement spell power and 72 universal spell power (potency). My damage did not noticeably change.

    I then took off my weapon and turned on empower (75 spell power), I got a noticeable increase in damage with my max damage at 99. Maximize also increased the damage.

    Obviously this spell is being boosted by meta-magic feats but not by enhancements or items.

    I have not tested it yet, but I would hazard a guess that the new dot spell from primal avatar might have the same issue as this spell.

    The second spell I tested was word of balance. This spell is being boosted by untyped items however the damage text claims it does bane damage, bane damage (in this case alignment damage) falls under radiance items and light enhancements, it this spell intended to be using untyped as its damage type?

    Edit: a few more Inconsistency with druid spells: Sunbeam is blocked by Mantle (even though its lvl 8 spell)
    PS. i hope a dev reads this post.
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    sunbeam's blindness is what is blocked and due to how they coded mantle, it blocks the whole spell not just the blindness portion. sunburst does the same thing. abit annoying but I doubt they'd fix it anytime soon

    as for the creeping doom it deals poison damage thus there is no spell power that affects it. Though potency should, it probably is only coded to add all of the different types of spellpower that is implemented in the game (thus it adds its own combustion, glacial, etc, and checks to see which is the higher one (its own or the original) and only uses the highest),
    thus without an original spell power that effects poison it most likely wont increase it. It is probably coded this way to prevent it from stacking ontop of everything, while metamagics spell power increases all spells damage and probably doesnt bother adding each specific spell power but rather a set amount at the end, that adds with everything which is why your only seeing it increasing with metamagics.

    as for it if this WAI, I dont have a clue, but most likely isnt, but recoding the spellpower code would probably take time to get around to do.

    as for the word of balance, Bane damage is technically untyped damage, thus it doesnt fall under the radiance/alignment spell power and its WAI if it works with untyped spell power.
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