Build is updated for some more dmg + quivering palm because i saw is a must have on monk build..I found +5 wis tome that helps a lot my new build and +4 to str and con all the other stats have +3 for the lets take a look to the stats help and ideas is always welcome

15monk/5fighter - Halforc

Str 20 +4tome+4ED+2ship+7item+3exc+3ins+3lvlup+2alch+3fir e stance+3 ench=54 str (with ship buf only) +4 primal +2 yogoloth Total 60 str (not bad for a monk i think)

Dex 15 i want Dex more for twf so in end game is 30
con 12 (i use to play in Fury of the wild ED so hp is around 850 with items and ED)

wis 15 +5tome+3lvlup+2ship+6item+3exc+2ins+2ench = 38 (with ship buf only) +6 fury made +2 yogoloth Total 46 wis( i also have +6 dc from legendary tactics and stuning fist works prety nice)

Here i want to say that spring attack is prety usefull feat for monks for my opinion and Overwhelming Critical its not so good for monks dps build...i lasser tr mine and give him vorpal strike + Improved Martial Arts and it was much better..

* Full build i will update it when i check some more thinks i need