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    so, i am not a forum fiend so am not sure if people always have the same issues im currently having with the support team in DDO..i filed several tickets over a month ago...and they got bumped up supposedly for higher admins to look at and resolve...however, i think that they got lost in the tickets are very important and without the resolve im losing the heart to play DDO...i love the game but i had a lot of plans that cant take place now without WAY too much work all over again...please see this and investigate my tickets...i tried to call turbine just to get told there was NO way they would or could help me over the, please turbine...and thank you in advance

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    Default hope

    Lets hope that with the enhancement changes that everyone gets a +25 lesser rez heart. Obviously with the dramatic change in how everyones toons will "play", most builds will be considered broken! Lets hope it all comes out soon. I think that would be very thoughtful of Turbine and a wise move.
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    You could try sending a PM to one of the devs on the forums, like Tolero or Cordovan. They should be able to at least point you in the right direction to get this resolved, if not outright tell what is going on with your tickets.

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    The suggestion to PM a forum mod is a good one.

    Can you give us an idea of what your problem(s) are? It's possible someone on the forums has a solution/workaround or that we might be aware that it is a known issue to be resolved.

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