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    Default Armor thinks it has appearance kit

    I have normal +4 Adamantine Full Plate for my lowbie cleric. After wearing a different armor for running around town, I got the FP back out of the bank and it now says it's bound to account due to armor appearance kit.

    This armor has never had an appearance kit applied to it. It's not a text error; I cannot mail it to a different account or trade it to someone else.

    I would like to be able to pass this armor to a different account rather than just vendor or disjunct it.
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    I have one such armor, on a mule that stores lowbie gear, on a side account with no shared bank.
    I recall finding it shortly after the armor revamp, so maybe the bug has something to do with it.
    Think it was adamantine, and is the only piece that mysteriously changed.

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