I arrived in Stormreach a week or so after the 1st influx of artificers. It became apparent as time went on thats i'd not listened to my master. Mistake after mistake i made. Training in piercing weapons was no use with my ranged repeater. Not matchings my spells with my rune arm was another. Time passed as i struggled on, failure was more common than success. Often i just sat staring into my ale glass or sitting on the dock of the bay watching the world go by, for days, no, weeks at a time.. Then came the 'Strangeness' when the crack opened up in the habour wall. A man beconed me over as i entered the habour from the market place. Giving me a handful of magic stones he said give these away or use 1 yourself. Deciding against using the magic myself, i did give 3 or 4 away and now have a sweet snow panther called Rizza. I did take up the offer of free re-training but it still did'nt feel right. Questing for rune arms and crossbows became my constant struggle. Though this had some success, like i could now kill and destroy foes with rune arm and spell. Things were better but something was still 'not quite right'. Determined to carry on......

It was then i met a delightful rogue who like me had struggled with trying to advance in this strange world of Eberron. Together we had much better luck and more importantly a fun well 'crazy' he called it(me)time. The pinnacle of our adventuring was when we fought and defeated not 1 but 2 dragons.( but thats a story told elsewhere).
The partnership was seemingly short-lived. Not i hasten to add from a 'falling out' or has indeed actually ended. If anything he's got the better deal, now he gets to meet my female friend a HOT drow favoured soul.
So with much thought and exchanges of farewell and sadness, i left my friend for now anyway.

Returning to my master with lessons i'd learnt through experience.
It was the melding of metal and wood,
the combination with machine and man,
That had a weak point and that was me Runikz the half elf.