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    Default easy way to buff Eberron epic items

    Make them BTA.

    Making them BTA would help with gearing of new alts. Some of the Eberron epic items take a lot of work to create and are now useless on the toons that have them, rather than ask for a buff to those items I'm just asking for the BTC flag to be changes to BTA, like what happened with the epic wands.

    This way I can keep moving my old epic items that were great before down to new alts, who would actually get some use out of them.

    Epic raid items can stay BTC for the most part, that's fine with me. But Chronoscope stuff should probably go BTA, as they're BTA on non epic.

    This is not meant as a catch all solution for people with a backpack or 5 full of purple shinies, but just something I thought would be easy to implement and would at least give those old items some possible new usage.

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    I think they need to do a lot more than this. It's an easy win for them (IMO of course) to expand the current narrow
    end game. People generally only run these for XP or a few items which still have some relevance. What we have
    is clearly something imposed by a schedule.

    I'd like:

    1) Either a trader (3-1) for all scrolls/seals/shards or universal fragments which can be combined into a token which
    can be traded for your choice of scroll/seal/shard. This is nice Shroud-like mechanic where every run, even if you
    don't get what you're specifically looking for, gets you some way along.

    2) Need ML20/22/24 versions. ML22 and ML24 require a component which can be used to upgrade the
    existing ML20 item - akin to what they've done with Eveningstar challenges. Obviously only available from the
    relevant difficulty level e.g. Superior Seal of XXX, Sovereign Seal of XXX.

    3) Add more slotting options (e.g. luck +2/+3, Major Foci etc.) - I don't think Turbine realize just how much people
    appreciate and enjoy being able to customize their gear.

    4) Increase drop rates on seals/shards; increase differential for EE over EN and EH (e.g. 1/2/3% should be 2/4/10%)

    5) Buff hard difficulty by 20 - 30%.

    I'd also extend the proposed ML22/24 mechanic to Cannith Challenge items. This is an expensive pack and should
    be made more relevant.

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    It will not solve anything, useless loot will still be useless even if you can now give to any of the alts.
    Also if you plan to actually play the toon you probably want something better. If someone plays 1d6 toons he still will have limited end game.

    What need to be done:
    I. Introduce two ML versions of old epic stuff.
    I.1 ML 20 version.
    The power level of this item may vary, generally will be less powerful than now, however in some cases item need to be buff to make any use. (some house P stuff counts here). The ML 20 do not have any crystal slots.
    I.1a To make ML 20 version you will need basic item and Seal.
    I.1b Seal will be in quantity of 1 per pack/chain. For example "Deep Seal" from Red Fens. Seals will drop in any quest and any chest of the chain. The drop rate will be fairy high. Upgrading base to epic should not take more than 5 runs.

    I.2 ML 23 version.
    This will be powerful version of item, equal to what MotU brings. Only this version will have crystal slots.
    I.2a To make ML23 you will need ML20, Shard and Scroll
    I.2b Scroll and Shard will stay the same, exept Shards will drop more often. Generally 20 runs should be enough to get your shard.

    I.3 Scrolls could be traded in similar way as Sands one. So any 3 to chosen 1. As well as can be traded.

    II. Which means that a lot of old epic items need to be buffed, make useful, make worth sloting at lv 25. There is no other way around it.

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    Any devs listening/reading?

    Acting on this issue would be a quick and easy win if you ask me...

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