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    Default resetting challenge items

    If have a cannith challenge item, like say a tier3 elemental rapier, and then added crafted shards to it, is there a way to reset this? If I disjunct the item does it lose all properties, or just the ones I've crafted onto it?

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    as far as i tested normally it clear away only the crafted powers .
    BUT do not clear an item with spell\rest like the master artificer ring. i did and it lost the 1/day spell.(it said it can cast in the info, but the green bar disappeared and it was constantly at the "you used your charge" even after resting). lucky for me it was the 16th level ring so all i had to do was trade it for a level 20 one.(when you "upgrade" it to next level,you actually get a new item,clear of damage etc)
    .i reported this as a bug,do not know if they got around to fix it,so i suggest not trying to clear spell casting challenge items.
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    As Masterzzan said, it should only clear the Cannith shard(s) out of the item, and have no effect on the base attributes.

    While I find it hard to credit Master's saying he found a bug in DDO, I suppose anything is possible

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