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    Default Demon stone, group, w.static/death rules.

    I want to start a group based on a Forgotten Realms storyline portraited in the Demon Stone game. While three characters would be from the realms any other three would be Ebberon bred and born. I am a Ghallandra regular and have already made one of the three characters there, but can do a transfer if need be.
    I liked the focus on teamfighting in that game where melee, stealth and magic was used to control the battle and that this team had their differences as to what motivated them. I am in other words sure that it would be these and new characters in this game.
    There is no real need to know the Demon Stone storyline, as the story here will bring along its own motivations and explainations for our actions. But the three characters and their story can be read and found easily online.
    We will start on Ebberon remembering little more than an idea of what our names was, split apart for several levels (I recommend lvl 7, it gives enough playtime to get to know the characters and access to the early chains.)
    I have picked the character of Zhai the rogue, and have given her one life already. She is a bit of an anarchist who have troubles trusting others as they have had little trust in her. Rannek was a captain of the riders of Nesme, who failed in his judgement and in disgrace left the Savage Frontier behind. He is very tough and adept at tactical use of of manuevers, aka trip, intimidate, sunder, and a need to right wrongs whitch leads him to battles and adventures. Illius is the last of the three and one of the first sorceres officially introduced to the realms, he didnt receive magic training as most as his family tried to suppress that in him as they wanted him to follow in the path of knight-protectors of Silverymoon. But he eventually made his choice and took to magic as an instinct more than a expression of mastery and knowledge.
    We also need three Ebberon characters, I would like characters with stories based on Ebberon settings, but thats mostly to give some background to the characters, a chance to make references to events etc that would be known and give way to quests.

    Quest will be resolved at roleplaying speed, aka the goal is to have fun.

    All characters have their own agendas/secrets, and pick quests that would suit those, thats Ebberon for you. There MUST be a valid reason for putting lives at danger. So come up with appropriate ones that suit your characters long term goals.
    Rannek will probably often be instigator here as he hates "evil" and is fast to act; other characters may well object to the quest, and negotiate.
    Potions, scrolls and all stores are "open" to us. The auction house probably not so.
    To deal with death, we have "brokered a deal" with the silver flame, in return for future favors, they will keep our souls bound to stones. But quests cannot be reentered or repeated unless it makes sense.
    So we have to do "all" silver flame quests, to keep our end of the bargain.
    A quest can only be attempted once opened, as it makes no sense that mobs reset.
    No ingame hints towards completing the objectives, no clicking the xp bar or the objectives, try and remember what they said about the quest.
    Shrines: Any shrine must be cleared first, its a "campfire"/resting spot, but only if it makes sense at the time, if smart monsters know that we are there, or should be missing their companions then resting isnt appropriate. NO ressurection shrine, if they where real then mobs would use them aswell, and have them guarded, etc etc.
    Release if there is a wipe, otherwise somebody can bring the stones out.
    Crafting: Having others craft for you is fine, if they are able to make that kind of magic, so artys can make everything, while arcane can do arcane and elemental, divine do divine and elemental, etc. If there is a arty crafter in the party then all essences go toward him.
    The demon stone characters are to become as good as they can be, in tribute to the original three. And then return to the realms in search of what happened, being as good heroes as when they left the realms. (Possible trs depending on dedication to characters etc.) Untill we being the best suggestion for Rjannek and Illius builds win, aswell a dedication to the two.

    This is about fun, adding roleplaying fun to the game, and giving tribute to the demon stone characters, remaking them here and letting them become great heroes here aswell.

    Send a mail or tell to Amahroth, on the ghallandra server. (Dwarf, Wiz lvl 19, atm.)

    I hope this is the beginning of the greatest group in Ebberons history!

    Characters: If you want you can bring a character that tr´s and changes to an appropriate name, I have Rjannek reversed on Ghallandra, and Eillius, and am trying to get Ilius from an inactive player. But any name that sounds like rennek, illius is fine. Use pictures to get a close resemblance, prepare a good build; rannek does trips/knockbacks/whirlwinds etc etc; illius defends against magic, uses spells (dps), and is remarkably good in melee for a sorc. (More so at low lvl). I look forward to seeing what you come up with, I am sure it will be great.
    Lvl 7 allows for a "greather" and more heroic build, aka more tomes etc. If you need help getting the gear together I will try my best to get crafted gear for it.
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    Interesting story to pull from.

    Here is the Wiki link with more of the story.

    I might be interested.

    Ill send a PM.

    Good luck.
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    Default Update I

    The team.
    Only three members are especially fated/cursed. Anybody else wanting to join for roleplaying and questing are welcome.
    But please:
    I: Have a real name and a story of where you are from. So that others have an idea of what your "alignment" is, that is what goals and ideals you have in nonspecific words. Ex.: "I was raised by a loving family in a peaceful elven village amongst the valearan elves, where we performed daily rituals to honor our dead and the heroes of our ancestors. I left to seek out deeds of my own to gain honor of my own." Others should get the idea that you are probably loving and peaceful minded, and have a deeply seated wish to be amongst the dead heroes. Let others form their own images of how you are, or you will end up contradicting a more specific presentation of ourself, and eventually lose interest in that character. Ex. He is always lighthearted and funny, and acts with great courage in the face of danger. He is the best swordsman in the world... btw his family is dead and he wants revenge.. It will fail.
    II: Make a character that makes sense, and isnt based on being the most "powerful" at what that character does. Those characters challenge is another than that of roleplaying, and I generally like those who use odd builds with blue beards plus slash monk 2 for evasion, using ugly as sin weapons because they hit hard, with a great umd so that they can solo everything. They are fine but doesnt translate well into the minds of others... aka they are hard to interact with.
    III: We are not just playing to get loot and exp., but to complete goals, and dying generally means failing those goals. So be good at what you do, but try to generate synergi effects. Ex: Use trip, sunder, take the time to draw aggro away and dont go into a blood rush of getting the most kills. Prepare for the quest. If you need an aximomatic weapon before going, then get it crafted, if you need deathblock, get it, have potions, borrow money from the others for potions if necessary.
    IV: We prepare and discuss quests as a group, aka we plan ahead as anybody would in real life, and if we are surprised in the quest, we probably need to release and prepared some more, while one stays in. Instead of the usual get wiped trying.. release, prepare and try.
    V: Guest stars: I suggest that we at time recruit guides to help out. Where somebody tags along so that we dont wipe and dont have to look things up on the net or even use prior knowledge of the quest. Its ok to pretend to have talked to somebody in a tavern before hand about kobold shamans love for lightning and obscure clouds - if its beforehand. Stopping the party and handing out resist lightning midgame ruins the interaction.
    VI: Interact with the world, ask questions of it. Quests are more fun is we are aware of the fact that they are mysterious, and forget that this one give 10k exp, that one gives 100 exp, or that this or that drops here.. Again thats fine, its great outside of roleplaying, its "winning" the game, completing goals. But here it must be secondary. By all means do have a wishlist of goodies. But maybe its best if your other toons farm those, and we simply pretend that was the end reward. "Real adventures" only kill an elite once, because after that its "dead".
    VII: Have fun. That is make your mark, come up with stuff that would be fun to do, that makes sense to you. Contribute. This group will be amazing if we take the having fun serious and want all to have fun, it will be horrible if we all try to have fun our own little way. So share - its easy.

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