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I like rogue splash, love to be trapper.
Pallies only get 2 skill points per level + int mod. In order to trap during elite streaks on a tr you'll need to max search and disable device, so that's 4 skill points right there. You really do want UMD, so that's another 2 points. Concentration is awesome but we can sacrifice a feat to take quicken and dump concetration. Balance & Jump can be dumped for traps. That means 6 skill points per level, with a base of 3 if human. So 14 int with a +2 tome.

36pt build
str 18 +5 levelups
dex 8
con 14
int 14 (+2 tome)
wis 8
cha 15

This gives us the following skill points:
1 rogue (max everything related to trapping plus whatever else you like)
2-7 pally: +1 search, +1 disable, +0.5 umd
8 rogue: catch up on whatever you like; spot is sadly a dump skill from here on out
9-20: +1 search, +1 disable, +1 umd

To fit in quicken I'd drop force of personality once you get spells by paying fred for a feat respec.