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    Default Save shard stacking?

    Do any of the various save bonus shards stack with each other? *Specifically concerned about resistance bonus, enchantment save bonus, and will save bonus. (as well as if the enchantment and/or will save stack with the resistance save bonus from a yellow epic augment).


    Ps - so, for A melee with a low will save concerned about holds and such, would I be better off with an enchantment save bonus over a will save bonus? (can get a higher + on the enchantment save shard than the will save shard)
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    The cannith crafted enchantment save does definitely stack with both will save, and general resistance save items. You will only be able to see it if you watch the bonus during the die rolls for your saves though.

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    The Will Save Shards are a resistance bonus, and thus does not stack with Resistance Bonus Shards. They both do however stack with the +6 Enchantment Save Shard. I use a +6 enchantment save ring from time to time, notably soloing elite Temple of Vol on melee, where the end fight spams dispel and command.

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    In theory none of them should stack, if they are all of resistance bonus type.
    Apparently there's claim that some shards do, so is worth taking a look.
    Maybe it's a special case like the proof vs. poison shards are.
    Aside of that, the various shards exist because they'd come at lower levels.
    e.g. the enchantment save is easier to get than the will save which is easier to get than the general save.
    A resistance item +5 is fairly high level, with only named items at mid level like the boots of the innocent at lv 11.

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