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    Exclamation New VIP player looking for a fun active guild (Argonnessen)

    I'm pretty new to the game, been playing for around a week and I'm currently a level 8 Drow Wizard.
    I just got VIP status and am looking for an active guild with fun people.
    I don't really care about guild level or size as long as it's not a bunch of level 1-5's that never login and only 3 regular people play. Don't care about airships, just want to have people to group up with whenever I get on.

    Things I'm looking for in a guild: Primarily English speaking, would prefer to play with adults or 18+, people that want to run dungeons for fun, not to zerg the content, not full of elitists that expect me to make the game my life, a decent recruitment policy (instead of just blind inviting randoms in Korthos like so many others).

    Please add me (Xunnar) to friends and send a tell if you see me online, or send me some mail/leave a post with your guild info and offer to join.

    Thank you
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    Based upon the above you seem to be a good fit for OSD.....we don't blind recruit so it would take a run with some/a guildies to get you in, but search us in the who panel and see if anyone is on at or around your level......I am on frequently (see my sig for toons). but have only one character near your level range. I also like the fact you are a west coaster - sometimes hard to find good people on at my PST playtimes.

    Check out our website for more information (

    Note our general recruitment policy is min level 10 but that is only about getting people who are more or less committed to the game (ie won't be a dead account in a few weeks). But if you are VIP it shows the same level of commitment so I am sure that could be waived (or you will be L10 by the time you read this anyway).

    Overall OSD is a mature guild - some youngsters around but they are mostly kids of the members and usually only play with their parent. The rest are solid players - not elitists per se but we definitely have our stars. We can zerg or we can pace it to the players in the group.

    Good luck either way there are plenty of good guilds out there.
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