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    Default Constructs and Artificers

    Hello. I am running an artificer and find myself working my way through House Cannith presently. I am wondering about what crossbow I should make to increase my damage profile to reduce the time it takes to mow down all these warforged and constructs. I have read through the usual posts regarding DR beaters but I find little (no?) reference to ranged weapons. As I run my arti as a ranged damage dealer (mostly xbow, some spells) and buffer, any suggestions on the best combination of prefix/suffix on my xbow?

    I know that I can make Construct Bane bolts, would that would stack with a xbow that has (Greater) Construct Bane on it as well? I have seen almost no Smiting xbows in AH and since it's not craftable, irrelevant. Also, I have all of the various weapon Buff (law, chaos, adamantine, deadly) spells available. I usually stick with my Slaver's Hand xbow in most content but am finding that to do little damage in House C Would the (Epic) Silver Slinger have any benefit over a crafted weapon due to the Blunt Ammunition or would that only make a difference with Clay Golems?

    One other thing, any particularly suggested Rune Arm? Normally stick with my Lucid Dreams which has Blind Immunity and Ranged Alacrity slotted into it as well.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    I'm not sure whether bane on bolts stacks with bane on weapon. Obviously Smiting is the best option, but they are rare and will be really expensive if available.
    The warforged in there seem to be a range of alignments, so your best bet might be simply the biggest elemental damage effect you can find. The Blunt effect of the Silver Slinger won't do anything in there.
    Most of the Warforged in there don't have much damage reduction, so deadly will work well, the larger golems have adamantine though so you might just want to use that all of the time rather than swapping around.

    Lucid dreams is generally a good choice: it does relatively high damage. The only issue with it that I've found is that the spread of the bolts means that you can lost some against the walls in the fairly tight quarters.

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