Couldn't find this anywhere else. appols if it is.

I am trying to LR+3 my toon. He's a 12monk/6ftr/2rog.

I want to try out 12monk/6ftr/2druid. (dont ask! I also tried pally)

Anyway, when i try to change the first of the rogue levels it tells me that I cant as I would have 4 different classes. It appears the level up dialogue is not taking into account that I will have 3 (of which I will only need 2) class changes.

Note, it will allow me to change, for instance, rogue--->monk/ftr.

It crossed my mind that I could use 2 LR+1's to achieve this by changing one class lvl at a time, but what a drain on TP's if I wanted to do that on LIVE.

Is this WAI turbine folks?