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    Default Silver Flame Symbol

    I just recently got to the Pious rank (150 favor) for the Silver Flame and went to retrieve my reward from the patron. However, when I asked for it nothing happened. No benefit was gained and nothing was in my inventory (checked all my bags just in case). So I asked for it again while having my inventory open and I saw something appear and it immediately disappeared before I could even get a good look at it. I'm assuming this is the thing I consume to get the blessing to increase the city regeneration rate, but it just doesn't stick around long enough for me to use it and I don't have any listed benefits from it.

    I've also checked the regeneration rate by throwing myself off a lot of tall buildings and watching how fast the damage recovers and it's the same as it's always been.

    Any help?

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    New with the U15.2.

    The Blessing of the Silver Flame favor reward now automatically applies when claimed. An item is no longer required to gain the blessing.
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    You also need to go to a different area before it kicks in.

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    boo. I used to save them I use it on my next TR. At level one pop it and off you go.

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