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    We are currently looking to recruit a few more members into our ranks. We are not a large guild, I would say 4.5 active members, and of those 2 have joined us in the last months. That said, we have been around for almost two years, constantly playing, made our way up to 71 (almost 72 which is fun), and have seen countless other guilds fill their ranks, shoot past us, then die. We do not plan on death. We quite like life in fact.

    A bit about our DDO life; we raid regularly - more PUG LoBs than I can count have been done by us (before LoB became easy that is), we are a guild driven by a desire to help others instead of simply gaining as many items as possible. However, we do routinely lead raids just to get a guild member some items - Abbot comes to mind.

    Oh, we started a channel, that is to say myself and Ntalie from E.G.O. began it on a whim, to gather people together for PUGing and learning new raids in a nonhostile environment. The information on said channel can be found here,

    That is a little about us. What about you? Send me some in game mail at Verlichte, send me a tell when I'm on, or send me a message on this forum thing here.



    Edit: I had not mentioned this before, we are not looking for random players. We only recruit people who are active, respectful - for the most part and certainly in raids, and who we have run with at least a few times. This was what I meant by the line "What about you?" To elaborate, please tell me a little bit about yourself in the message to me.
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