So I recently purchased house c pack so i could start doing some alchemical crafting. I am making an alchemical kukri which i have already made silver and am looking at the next steps and just wanted some friendly advice.

I was looking at

Tier 1 being cold mostly because of the fire shield

Tier 2 i was looking at fire for the added good benefit

Tier 3 i was looking at lightning for obvious reasons.

Since i do not have to worry about double imbued stuff like i do with shroud crafting i thought this was a decent idea. I realize most mobs at the higher levels are immune to fire and ice but i thought this was a fun idea.

Please let me know what you think and if you have better suggestions i would love to hear them. As i stated i am new to the whole alchemical crafting and the WIKI seems very minimul on the info i am gettng for it.