Hey DDO peoplez. I am SirFox(XSirFox/SirFox357/foxy/whatevs) and I have a clan called ProphecyBane. Now I started this guild about a year ago, had quite a few people and it was doing pretty well. Then people started to be AFK and bad stuff like that. About that time I got Xbox Live and started to drift away from DDO. And just a few weeks ago I picked it back up. So I was kicking AFKs from the guild, and then I accidentally deleted the whole guild. Fail right? ya whatevs I have done worse. So I restarted a charter. and now I have TWO CLANS. One in Halo reach and halo 4, and one in DDO. So I need some guys who are very active who want to help run this guild with me. I will try to be as active as possible but you know running two guilds and going to school isn't so easy. And honestly.... I'm not that good at DDO anymore.. So you guys will practically be running the guild. Any help?

Website: Foxclan357.webs.com