So, we've reached 3 years of DDO as a F2P MMO. I started shortly after the transition to the free-to-play model and continue to play. Many things have happened since my last yearly reflection, so I'll break things up a bit.

I continue to belong to one of the best groupings of people that I've had the pleasure of knowing in the High Rollers. Even though we underwent a change in management this year (E/20after to Zealotry), we continue to follow all the tenets that we've played by over the last several years: be kind and support others, we were all new once... don't be afraid to PUG, it's the only real way to meet new people... failure is okay, succeeding all the time makes you forget what it means to be humble...

We will continue to have our Festivult Giveaway. The one from last year was fantastically successful. Tons of donations and lots of loot given away. Would love to see much more participation, especially given all the recent threads about the server's lack of player base. Let's nurture the new players, help them out along the way. Lord knows, I wouldn't be anywhere near where I am today in terms of character builds, gear, and skill without the help of several people over the years.

Are there issues with DDO and it's current amount of bugs and things not working? Sure, but to be honest, I care less about that and more about being able to hang out with fantastic people. I'll run things solo, but get bored with it. I need that personal interaction, even if it's with a random group of individuals that I might never see again.

I think the one big change for me over the last year is the number of people I've seen migrate away from the game, either due to RL issues or a simply needing something different. While I do miss the camaraderie, I will continue to strike out and meet new and interesting peoples.

See you all in-game.