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    Default Minimum Level and Crafting

    So, I was looking around and would like to confirm a few things, and ask a few questions:

    1) A 1 ML ring with a +6 enchantment added to it is ML + 6*2 = 13 ML, with no Absolute ML unless it had one already yes?
    2) Adding a masterful shard would bring it to 11 ML, yes?

    3) If I had a ML 0 ring and used the same enchantment, it'd be 6*2-1 = 11 ML, brought to 9 with a masterful shard?

    This is everything I can find on the wiki and other sites but when I went to test it, I used an ML 1 staff, deconstructed it for a max of +5, and enchanted it with a +2 shard. I'd expected to see ML 5, but it came out as ML 3. So, what gives? (Not that I'm complaining if this is really how it works). If I were to use a masterful shard (can't quite do them yet) would it make this Nullification Scepter (+2) ML 1?

    4) Are there still ML 0 craftable items to be had? I deconstructed a no-ML masterwork docent and ended up with a craftable (+5) Min Level 1 item. I deconstructed a lvl 1 ring, and ended up with a craftable(+5) ML 1 ring. It just doesn't seem consistent.

    Thanks for all the help in advance.

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    Absen minimum ML gear, I don't think you count the initial ML of the item. Better yet, just use this:

    Cannith Crafting Site
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    The ML of the item should be completely controlled by the shards you put into said item (excluding limitations for "Absolute Minimum Level").

    If you key an item for crafting and then put a shard that is a +2 potential into it, the item will be (2*2) - 1 = 3, no matter what the base item was previously.


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    Hopefully I understand the question at hand, haven’t had a lot of caffeine today.
    Min level on crafted gear is easy to figure out.

    1. Add up all the potential needed for the final item (the "+" number in the upper right hand corner of each shards description window)

    (example: trying to craft a +5 Deathblock of Negative Energy Absorption 20% Armor
    +5 enhancement = 5 potential
    Deathblock = 3 potential
    Negative Energy Absorption 20% = 2
    Total required = 10 potential)

    2. Double that total

    (example: 10 required potential becomes 20 levels)

    3. minus 1 from that total

    (example 20 levels becomes 19 levels)

    The number left over at the end of step three is the min level of the item.

    (example: min level of the example armor is 19)

    4. Masterful craftsman only removes 2 from the total potential from step 2 before computing the min level.

    (example: 1. 10 required potential for that armor, 2. Doubled to 20 (-2 from eventual masterful craftsmanship beings that down to 18) 3. Minus 1 from 18 makes the example armor min level 17)

    Now items with a absolute min level, I have no idea. I don’t usually craft on those types of items. TR twink gear is my specialty and that is where the crafting system is most helpful, IMO.

    As someone who crafts a lot I cannot plug this site enough. I use it for almost everything that I craft.

    Hope that answers your question.

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    I use +6 stat rings at 9. Use trash rings (or nice ones with guild augment slot) and the Masterful shard. Works in all other spots also, either through proper item/stat configuration or with flexibles.
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    Thanks everyone, I think I get it now.

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