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    Default Cannith Improvement Project

    I've been thinking about all of the doom threads and all of the there are no end game threads and the server is dying fix it fix it fix it threads and settled on an idea.

    Kind of an idea that I just do naturally, but I figured I'd share it.

    One way to improve the player base is to make sure they have the resources to be able to run more and better quests.

    If you find a decent weapon/suit of armor/trinket/etc. that you don't need then either A. Throw it on the AH for about <50% base price buyout, or B. Throw it to a Pawn Broker that is easily known/accessible by newer players.

    The advent of Cannith Crafting cut into the "reseller" market quite a bit and most people simply think about #1 and forget the struggle to get their first character properly equipped back in the day.

    This can basically cover all levels. Find a +3 race required weapon or armor? Chances are there is a level 2 new player that can make use of that if made available cheap enough to where they can buy it based on their probable income.

    The benefit of this? While you get less cash and less ingredients. The theory is a better equipped average player on Cannith will advance faster. More conveniently available lower level equipment will encourage newer players to stick around.

    I am sure that there are people that will naturally take advantage of the situation. I'm sure several of the cheap yet good random items I've thrown on AH or simply given to other characters have been deconstructed or simply sold by people looking for a bargain or to resell at a higher price because they see the value as higher than what I auctioned it for. The hope is that enough items make it through to newer players to where we build a new generation.

    Just a thought and a way I attempt to silently (barring this post of course) contribute to the community.

    Also be sure to applaud/encourage those that give learner runs etc. as they help get newer players familiar with quests.

    One thing to keep in mind when attempting to teach people. Most people learn better by doing themselves. Also some people may not see the wisdom behind advice/tactics until they encounter the problems that arise when not not following that advice.

    If you think of other ways of improving your server then feel free to simply do them or post them.
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